We just adopted a 5 month old lab mix from an animal shelter and would like to bring her to training classes. Anyone know for about how much the basic training classes at Petco cost?
(I know they vary store to store, but I’m just looking for approximately how much the classes usually run for.)


  1. <3 my mutt

    Mine cost 155 dollars. I live in Massachusetts.
    Just a warning, classes at Petco do NOT work. I also took my 6 month old lab mix which I got from a shelter, it’s a low budget class, not taken very seriously by staffers. I’m sure they vary but if I were you I’d invest the extra 50-60 dollars in getting a reputable trainer at a reputable business. I enrolled my dog in puppy classes with a place voted Best of Boston for 5 straight years and what surprised me was the price was 240.00 the class was much more professional, they provided clickers to train with, online videos, handouts, and lots of patience and a much better work space. If I were you I’d research another place first! I hope this helps… good luck and congrats with your new dog!

  2. Jennifer

    i would advise you to do only trat based reward training as by using negative growling and punishment on some dogs can destroy there good natured temperment. our dog used to be so friendly and upbeatnow when we put the barking collar on her she shakes and sulks and is very scared, neagative things dont teach good behavior, only fear

  3. Blarp

    About $109 for an 8 week class. (that what petsmart is atleast and i think they are prety similar)
    I just called and there’s is $109 too. Why do i get a thumbs down? because i didnt say the classes stink? that wasnt what she ask, she asked the price…!

  4. Stalkers are cowards & thieves

    Fifty cents is too much for the WORST place you can think of!!!
    BULLCRAP;taught by minimum-wage twits.
    Call your local kennel club for REAL training by REAL trainers -who’ve TITLED dogs-& HALF the cost.

  5. Rotten Rotts

    Lets say you get what you pay for and Petco is cheap. You will not get any personalized help and they herd you in and herd you out

  6. queenladoodle

    Ummmmm I worked at PetSmart for two years as a cashier. The 4 trainers that worked there were highly qualified and went to a training school for at least a year to learn how to train dogs properly. I didn’t see one untrained puppy or adult dog walk out of the classes without adequate training. Just thought I’d give you a first hand perspective…

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