1. justwond

    depends on what you need training on and how long your training session is……….i seen the list at the store and its from $10 – $199

  2. Christin

    They cost different amounts and run for different lengths of time. I forget what the amounts are, but if you call them they can tell you.

  3. niubutte

    Don’t go there! Find a reputable trainer in your area (your vet could help with that search). Petsmart/Petco “trainers” are little more than high school students will very little training instruction.

  4. lodeemae

    id call the store nearest you and ask. different places would have different prices.
    also, ask around and see if there are any trainers in your area. a friend of mine’s mother is a trainer and all i had to do was talk to her a few times, and i trained my dogs myself.
    i have had pit bulls for the last 20 years and my dogs are more than dogs. they are my companions, my protectors, and my guard dogs. not only for me, but my kids too.
    and for the record,, the only time i had a dog bite anyone was when a bully was beating on my son and my dog bit him. thats what a dog is for.

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