I found one near my house for $50 for 5 weeks and want to know if that’s reasonable.


  1. purplepi

    $ 50 sounds a little cheap for 5 weeks of lessons. Make sure you are not getting a deal because the trainer is less knowledgable. Most private trainers off a series of group lessons for $100 to $150. Don’t pay more unless it is a private lesson. But a $50 price tag would make me sceptical fo the quality I’d be recieveing,

  2. H.O.T. Dog

    $10 a session is pretty much the norm for classes that involve other students.. But you have to work loyally with your dog… every day… It is soooo much fun.. you will really like how the two of you bond during this time.

  3. Joanna J

    I paid $100 for 8 weeks at Petsmart. We are on week 7 and the classes have been great. I woulddo some research on the “Trainer” if you are unsure.

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