I was qouted for $1,250 is that good?


  1. Danger, Will Robinson!

    Depends on where you live and what you’re getting for that price. Sounds pretty high to me, even if you’re getting a lifetime guarantee.
    The best (and cheapest) way is to take your own dog to training classes at your local AKC recognized obedience club. It’s best if you learn along with the dog and train him yourself. It probably will only cost you $100 for an 8-week beginner’s class.http://www.akc.org/clubs/search/index.cf…
    Sometimes local animal shelters or adult education programs run training classes which can be very economical.
    If you need a professional trainer to help you with severe problems, let me warn you. Many of the people charging big bucks as “trainers” are not very good and may have little more experience than you do – especially with aggression problems. Ask your local vet for a recommendation. Make sure you check out references from their satisfied customers. Check with the BBB for complaints. Look for a trainer who is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals web site at http://www.dogpro.org, which allows you to search for trainers in your state. Their requirements for trainers to join are very stringent. And DON’T send your dog away to be trained. It’s a waste of money – you can’t build a relationship with a dog that doesn’t live with you.
    These are the books that I recommend to my students; you can get them on Amazon.com
    What All Good Dogs Should Know – Volhard http://www.volhard.com/
    Good Owners, Great Dogs – Brian Kilcommins
    Dog Tricks : Eighty-Eight Challenging Activities for Your Dog from World-Class Trainers by Haggerty and Benjamin
    Don’t Shoot the Dog – Pryor
    Training Your Dog: The Step by Step Method – Volhard
    Dog Problems – Benjamin
    Second Hand Dog – Carol Benjamin
    Cesar’s Way – Cesar Millan
    Also, watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Cesar Millan is the best trainer I’ve ever seen on TV and he has DVD’s on training.http://www.dogpsychologycenter.com/

  2. mia2kl20

    A lot depends on where you live and whether it is private training or a group session. There is a very nice dog training school in a city near us that has a group class for $60.00, which is I think about 6 weeks. They have different levels for their classes… like “puppy” “beginner” “advanced” etc. I’ve never gone there, because I don’t have a dog, but a lot of my friends have trained all their dogs there and they have an excellent reputation. Group training is good in many ways, because it also helps the dogs to learn to be more sociable, which is important if you take your dog out in public.
    I’ve heard there is a very good internet course available for $60.00, too. My sister-in-law just told me about it. I thought her dog was very nicely trained already, but she felt like he was too disobedient at times. So she signed up for that course. They sent her a manual, and she worked on their lessons, and she can email them for individualized help when she needs to. She said in only a week, she saw a vast difference in her dog.

  3. Ginbail ©

    Our obedience club charges $120 for the basic 8 week beginner obedience course. Once a week classes are limited to no more than 10 dogs, and each class lasts 1/2 hour. We are a not-for-profit organization.
    Whatever class you choose, remember to continue your training at home. The class could be useless if you don’t reinforce the training at home, a few minutes a day, every day.

  4. Meatloaf

    Most professional trainers offer their complete course on DVD or Online for less than $50.00 with a money back guarantee. You can even watch your trainer in action online.
    Check these two out for starters
    eBook and DVD:http://skycforme.sitstay.hop.clickbank.n…
    Watch Online (free sample lesson also)http://skycforme.cee123.hop.clickbank.ne…

  5. vail2073

    Honestly, save the 1250, save the 100 and spend 20 on a book that gives details on dog training. YOU can obedience train your dog yourself and it will build a better bond between you. I have trained dogs myself and tested them against dogs who had formal training and my dogs thoroughly out do them. As long as you train them right, you will be fine. Save your money. IF you dont’ have time to train, then how do you have time to pay someone to come over and train?

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