My gram passed away and I have to clean out her house but it’s impossible because it’s infested with fleas! The thing is no one has been in the house in weeks and there aren’t any animals in the house….Anyways any ideas on how much it will cost ?


  1. Three_Ki

    You shouldn’t come to rely on ill-founded guesses here on Yah as to the cost of having an exterminator treating your house for fleas, especially since the cost of (pest) material and labor greatly varies by location. If need be, take advantage of the text-link ad towards the middle of the following handyman web page I came across that offers up to four (4) Free extermination estimates (it’s the text-ad link towards kind of the middle that says, “Find Local Pest Control Services. Get Up to 4 Quotes Now…Free”):…
    Do yourself a favor and utilize the above ad link to get several estimates from which you can then choose the best-priced, highest-quality extermination service out of the many estimates submitted to you for your review.
    Do this right away, as waiting will cause the fleas to only multiply–ewwwwwwww! (Aren’t they parasites? Be careful!)
    Good luck!

  2. Britt D

    My husband is an exterminator and he would generally charge 50-75$ for the job but because the customer must also follow up on there part to keep it vacuumed (so that the eggs do not have a chance to hatch) The job will not come with a guarantee. A green, less expensive alternative is to cover the floor with Boraux Mule team laundry powder (ab 3$ a box) leave it for a few hours and vacuum thoroughly and immediately dispose of the bag or empty the vacuum. Repeat this in a couple days if necessary. This has always worked for us, we have a 2 year old and he doesnt like using the pesticides in the house with him, and we have never had to!

  3. gk02085

    You can pick up some Seven at gardening stores. It is safe to use on vegetables so it is not harmful to people. Sprinkle it on the floors, furniture and floors – leave overnight and then vacuum up. It generally kills fleas and their eggs, but if you notice more fleas in a week or two, retreat the area. If there are scatter rugs, be sure to sprinkle Seven under them too.

  4. Megan

    Go to a Rural King or any store really… even walmart sells them. Go get the bombs yourself. Cover anything you want to keep. You can put 1-2 in each room. A pack of 6 costs 11-12 dollars. so how many square feet you have to bomb.. i’d do it yourself. Also bomb an atic if it has one and the basement. ANYWHERE!! BOMB BOMB BOMB!

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