the collars with spikes on the inside that poke the dog if it tries to run while you’re walking it. my brothers ***** girlfriend uses one on my dog because she can’t handle her. (my dog’s a husky)


  1. Rachel-Pit Police-DSMG

    A prong is a safe and effective training tool IF (and only if) used and positioned correctly. Unfortunately, most people have no clue what the correct usage is.

  2. Sitegrinder

    The spiked collars actually aren’t near as bad as they look — probably safer than the conventional “choke” collar. Although, if your dog is having problems walking on a leash… try the “wonder lead” by Delmar Smith. It’s mainly used with hunting dogs, but I just started with it a couple of days ago and it works like a dream. It truly is a training “wonder.” good luck!

  3. Wordpress Autoblog Software

    A prong collar is a safe tool it must be fitted properly up high on the neck. It should not be hanging loss around the neck. You have to remove prongs to fit it properly. It is very difficult to explain on the net. It should be snug but you can still get a finger under the prongs.

  4. Give Aways

    Ok a prong collar is not dangerous to your dogs breathing and will not cut into skin, also don’t try it on yourself to see how they feel bc we have thinner skin and it wiill hurt more the prong collar is just used as a method of training and can not seriously hurt or injur your dog. 🙂

  5. alias boxer

    They are completely safe in the right hands. Like any training tool — even the gentle leader — they can do harm if misused, but a prong collar is just fine when properly utilized.
    See here how to fit and properly use a prong collar:

  6. uh

    They don’t sound safe to me. You just need to train your dog to respect your commands. My brother has a Husky and he’s hard to handle only because his owner doesn’t know how to train him. Invest in a manners class for dogs instead.

  7. Don’t let your brother’s girlfriend walk your dog.
    Training collars are only useful if used by a person who knows their purpose.

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