My dog has recently had his hair cut and a shampoo which we have done relatively regurlaly, the person who did it for us told us that the dog had some fleas but he had manages to get rid of them from the dog but my house may still have some, the house is always kept clean and we vac all carpeted areas throughly, with my dog now haivng shorter hair im sure that at the first sign of fleas we will notice and be able to get rid of any on him. Is is essential for me to use a treatment on carpets etc or will repeated cleaning be enough?


  1. Nick K

    use advantage it works really good
    we have like 5 cats and we put advantage on them and the fleas just start falling off
    the house fleas will jump on ur dog and die
    ur house will be flea free within the week

  2. search engine optimization consultant

    Yes, go to the vet and buy Frontline or Advantage. Don’t waste money on that junk at the grocery store. Then, buy some 20 Mule Team Borax laundry powder. Sprinkle that around and rub it into your carpets. Let is sit a couple of days, then vacuum. You’ll have to do this a couple of times or more because flea eggs burrow into carpet and continue to hatch.

  3. Kitan13

    Get Advatec from your vet. It will kill any flea within contact of your dog quickly and effectivly. Vaccum and cleaning will help the process a long further. The shampoo is all right but not near as effective and with winter heading this way fleas are looking for a warm spot to lay low.
    Put a light on in a cornor low to the ground. Put down a dish of water with a bit of ivory dish soap. They say it attracts and kills fleas we don’t have a problem with fleas in our region but hear it helps.
    The Advantec is what works the best from what other dog owners have told me and my experiences with fleas in Oklahoma. I used that on two out of three of my dogs andnever saw a flea or tick.
    With winter setting in you may only need the one treatment.

  4. Tripperb

    ADVANTAGE or frontline. Any fleas in the home need to feed & will do so every 24 hrs. All fleas will be dead on dog & in home within a 48hr period.

  5. ljhsulli

    Great remedy for you that I had to use after being short of electricity for a week(post Hurricane Katrina)…sprinkle salt on all of your carpet, wait about 10-15 minutes then vacuum extremely well. After you vacuum bring the vacuum outside and dump the bag or the container. The fleas will eat the salt and it stuns them, or something, and makes them un-able to hold on to the carpet while vacuuming. It’s much cheaper then the stuff at WalMart and really does work. (or at least it did for me)!
    Hope this helps!

  6. MARY N

    Obviously, treating the dog with a flea product will help the dog.
    I’ve heard good things about putting 20-Mule Train Borax (it’s found in the laundry aisle) on your carpets and leaving it there for a day or so. The borax causes the fleas to dehydrate and die. It’s not harmful to pets or people. Just don’t roll around on the carpet or anything. Vacuum it up after a day or so.
    Good luck.
    “This mystic secret is borax. What? Borax? You mean I sent in 25 bucks for borax? Stick with me here. Remember, flea eggs and larvae live in your carpets and furniture for weeks before they reach “flea” stage. This is their weakness. If you can kill them in this stage, there won’t be any biters, and the biters are also the breeders. Break the cycle, and you can protect your home. Pick yourself up a cheap box of 20 Mule Team borax. Dump it into a bowl and break up the lumps, and sprinkle it over your carpets. Move the furniture and sprinkle it there. Wash your bedding. Wash the dog’s bedding. Sprinkle more borax on the couch, chairs, and get some sprinkled under the cushions. Work it into the carpet using a good whisk broom. Then vacuum everything, and throw away the bag. (Flea eggs can hatch in your vacuum bag.) Chances are the borax will kill fleas in the bag, but why take a chance? Borax comes from valleys like Death Valley. It’s terribly dry, and it will suck the moisture out of those little vermin.”

  7. Rose

    You could use flea bombs for your house if you notice fleas. They are expensive and you need one for each room. An exterminator might be cheaper.

  8. needlewi

    We had a terrible infestation of fleas one time. I am allergic to them so I broke out in welts! So we put a bug bomb in each room and set them off and left. It must have worked or my skin would have been proof that they hadn’t all died off.

  9. slim

    the fleas can get in the carpet and be a real problem to get rid of, they make stuff for carpets that kill the fleas but you have to apply it a couple times according to directions to kill eggs when they hatch.. good luck, don’t forget to kill them in the yard too.. (if you have a yard)

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