I have a cat and rabbit. I use flea medicine on the cat but it isnt working. She has fleas and they are in the house. Just sitting at the computer, I can see one or two on my leg at any given time. I live in a very very clean house and my mother is very adament about keeping it that way, but this is in the way. What flea medicine is best to completely take care of the problem? How do we get them out of the house? What can I do with my rabbit to kill any on him without it being too strong for his little body?


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    Have you tried Frontline Spot On Cat, it has helped me get rid of fleas on my cats. Frontline Spot on Cat is for the prevention of infestations by Fleas and Ticks in cats, and is part of a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis in cats where this has been previously diagnosed by a Veterinary Surgeon. More vets choose Frontline than any other flea and tick treatment. They trust Frontline products to kill parasites fast and to go on protecting your pet.

  2. Joe

    You didn’t say what flea medication you use, but you can’t use storebought stuff. Get some advantage, revolution, or frontline for the cat from the vet. Ask the vet if there’s anything safe to get rid of fleas on a rabbit.
    Take the cat and the rabbit out of the house for a couple of days (don’t just put them in a room) while you set off a flea bomb in the house. When my cat was a kitten, I didn’t really have anywhere to take him, so the night that he was treated for fleas, I put him in the bathroom for the night and put flea powder on every rug in the house, then the next morning before I let him out I vacuumed it up. I’ve never had a problem since, and it’s a year later.

  3. polite one

    well with the cat since i am a cat expert um if the cat is 3-5 months old give it a bath with a specail flea removal shampoo no flea collar because it just takes flea away from the neck area

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    DO NOT and I say again DO NOT use a flea collar or flea spray oR ANYTHING LIKE THIS on this baby at this young an age!!!!
    Don’t listen to other crap people are telling you right now….this baby is too young.
    Take and bath the baby in “Dawn” dishwashing liquid….do not saturate but put a little bit on the baby and soap it in good….make sure you get all the soap off while rinsing and then after drying…take some tweezers and pull as many fleas as you can off…..get a flea comb from Walmart (they aren’t expensive) and comb thru the baby’s fur.
    Bath your kitty 1 time a week and they also have “Adams” flea spray at the vet (BUT verify that it can be used on kitty at this young age. Spray all bedding, etc.
    If you continue to do this you should get rid of the fleas, if not, then the infestation is too much but by that time baby will be old enough for flea medicine from the vet.

  5. Bart's Mama

    First get Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution from the vet to treat your cat.
    As for the rabbit, you’ll have to ask your vet what you can use.
    Then, if you need to treat the house – and it sounds like you do – use a product which not only kills adult fleas but also prevents eggs from hatching.
    When we have bad flea years (haven’t had one in along time – knock on wood 🙂 we use Raid products for the house.
    They make a fogger called Raid ® : Flea Killer Plus Foggerhttp://www.killsbugsdead.com/fop_fkpf.as…
    They also make an area spray called Raid ® : Flea Killer Plus Carpet & Room Sprayhttp://www.killsbugsdead.com/fop_fk_pc_r…
    We have had very good results with those products.
    Remember, you want a product that not only kills adult fleas but also prevents eggs from hatching. If you use something that does not prevent the eggs from hatching, when they hatch you are back where you started.
    There is a product, Capstar which is a pill you give the cat. It kills all of the fleas on the cat within about 5 hours.http://www.capstar.novartis.us/
    It does not provide long lasting protection – it merely kills all the fleas on the cat.
    You can use it to kill all the fleas on the cat and then treat the cat with Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution, and then treat the cat.
    Ask your vet about Capstar and using it in combination with other products.
    Capstar is available only by prescription.
    We have used it to kill all the fleas on feral cats who we could not handle to apply something else. We transfer them to another cage or carrier, move them out of the room, fog the room, give them the Capstar in food, and then put them back in the main cage.
    Capstar is like magic – it really will kill all of the fleas on a cat very quickly and it is safe enough that you could use it every day, if need be – though that would be an expensive way to control fleas, day to day.

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