My dog appears to be suffering from fleas. last night i put flea & tick drops on him but i dont think its working.
anyone have any idea what else i could use?



  1. Brandi

    I would try Frontline it is waterproof so you can bathe you dog and it will still work….but for the time being i would give him a bath in dawn or flea shampoo….but ask your vet if you can use both products in the same month it may have side effects….and try a food with brewer’s yeast in it like purina Pro Plan

  2. MegaNerd

    Brewer’s yeast and garlic powder is available at any decent pet store or nutrition store. It’s supercheap (unlike the stuff your vet will sell you), non-toxic (unlike the stuff the vet will sell you), and HIGHLY effective. I swear by the stuff. It goes right onto their food and most dogs love it.
    Regular bathing (1-3x/wk) and swims in the lake that get the dog completely wet will also help immensely. Look online for the lifecycle of the flea and you will learn quickly why this is so effective.
    Also, go buy a **new** bugsprayer like you would use in your garden and add some stuff called “Precor”. It’s pretty cheap (if people knew how effective it was, it would be a LOT more expensive) and it is totally non-toxic (unless you happen to be a bug larva). It is NOT a pesticide. It stops the development of the larvae so that they can’t become full adult fleas capable of biting and reproducing. It rocks.

  3. Make Money Online

    hartz works for everyday little exposure to fleas. Not heavy duty. I would get him bathed then try andvantix or frontline. Also treat your area. If your dog has fleas then you house/ yard has fleas. You need to get these areas treated or he will be reinfested.

  4. rebecca p

    i found my dog was covered in them last nite so i gave him a good bath in dog shampoo….u do know if u pick a flea off u need to break it in half to kill it or u can out it in rubbin alachol..i just wished i knew what i could do for them in the yard thats where my neighbors dog is leavin them.

  5. A Great Dane Lady

    The Hartz products are bad, just check the net! They don’t work very well and do not last an entire month. Also, they have the highest number of allergic reactions in dogs.
    I use an otc called Bio Spot. It works just as well as Advantage or Frontline.
    You have to treat your home as well. Fleas like to hang out in the carpet and jump on the dog when they wish to feed.

  6. geejaydo

    What sort of flea drops did you use.The best is ADVANTAGE.I absolutely swear by it.It’s quick and easy to use.Make sure the dog isn’t wet when you apply it and make sure it comes in direct contact with the skin.Also be sure you are using enough for the size of the dog.
    Secondly get a flea bomb for the house.Either RAID or MORTEIN is good.You can spray this all over the dogs bedding before you set it off completely.You can also spray it on the ground outside where the dog lays.

  7. B-Girl

    I have three cats (one is outdoor) and the only thing that has been working for us is the bomb and the flea bath (i’m sure it will be much easier bathing your dog! than it was 3 cats).
    I bought a new brand flea collar (which I believe started it, never had them with over 20 years of outdoor cats).
    got the Frontline (put on all three it did nothing), bought room spray & carpet stuff (did not get worse, did not get better)
    The bomb was the best and used flea shampoo on all the cats, and am combing them 2x daily (they are swatting at me 2x daily as well = ). It is getting better and I am hoping this is they key, I think just persistance and the right products.

  8. IGLOO


  9. Chio

    Bathe the dog regularly with flea shampoo, try for a good old fashioned flea collar.
    It may be advisable to continue to give the dog regular flea treatments even once the problem has subsided for prevention…

  10. sleepwal

    it takes a while for it to work buy get spray for you house also and wash his bed things

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