I’ve enrolled my dog (6 year old mixed breed) in training classes at Petsmart. I need to know which treats to bring though. They just told us to bring treats, but didn’t give any recomendations. He likes soft treats, but I’m looking for something extra special that he will want to work for. They have to be small so he can eat them quickly too. Any suggestions?


  1. Shepherdgirl §

    Hotdogs, any brand. I use the cheap ones.
    Cut them into thin slices and then cut in half, sprinkle with a little garlic powder and microwave them just to the point of burning,( they will puff up but they shrink) put them in a baggy and you are ready to go. They keep really well, are easy to work with, they are not greasy and dogs love them plus they are very inexpensive.

  2. Mairi

    Generally as training treats go the stinkier the better – dogs like strong smells and it needs to be something more exciting than the other smells at the class. I use garlic sausage or salami for my dogs – you need to be careful not to use anything too spicy though. Cut it up into very tiny pieces – the idea is to reward every little thing he does right, so little and often is he name of the game. You don’t want to fill him up. If you wait until after his class before feeding him, he is likely to be even more interested in the treats. It might also help to take a faourite toy to keep his attention.

  3. Mouse

    I just bought some Wellness treats, you could cut them up and use those they are soft, and healthy. I also used some Lamb jerky that I bought at Petco that I broke into sml peices, however I do remember they were fairly expensive. The Wellness was I think about $8.00 for a sack, the others were $17.00 for a jar, they lasted me about a year. I finally threw the jerky away, since it had been a year and I hadn’t used all of it..

  4. Yahoo Supports Puppy Mills

    Those beggin strip type treats cut into small peices work well.. you can also use small peices of hot dog or cheese.
    Soft treats work best as the dog can eat them quickly and move on to the next command. Use whatever your dog likes best, as it will be more rewarding for him.

  5. rangersm

    find a few different kinds. lay them in a row in front of dog.see which one he picks 1st. use that kind the most

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