i have a 3 year old dog and he makes my house his bathroom, can I still train him how to pee and poop outside my house. Is there any good book that you can recommend?


  1. Ashtyn

    The same way you would a puppy. Be persistant, consistant and patient. Take him out every 30 min and praise praise and praise when he goes outside. Supervise him at all times so you get to know the signs he’ll give you when he has to go pee.
    “Secrets to Dog Training!”, by Dog Trainer Expert “Daniel Stevens”. It’s a terrific book on how to train dog.

  2. MaryKate

    I’d start training just the way you would with a puppy. Have you heard of crate training? If you dont have a crate its ok too, you can do it this way. You need to get your feeding and watering schedule down, and see at what times he goes potty after that. Dont let him have unlimited food because then he will be going all the time! Also, let him out/ walk him dozens of times a day and reward with praise or treats if he goes outside! It’s something you’ll need to devote time to since he has no training. Its all about a schedule and constant supervision. Watch for signs that he needs to go, like circling, whining, sniff the floor, walking by the door. Also, since you have a male dog try the sprays on your furniture so he would be repelled from lifting his leg and marking his territory. Im sure they are available at pet stores. If youre unable to be home during the day to watch or let him out, i would get a crate because dogs dont like to go where they sleep. and let him out right away after! or have a friend come over to let him out. Eventually, he’ll get it. My great dane took 3 months of constant walks before she learned that she should go outside. No she hasnt had an accident in over 2 months.

  3. George

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    Best of Luck, George.

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