Hi, my husband accidently used the sergants flea medicine instead of the advantage so the fleas on our cats are still there. They also have a lot of flea larva. Is there anything i can put on them now to help get rid of the fleas, even thought I just used flea medicine a few days ago. I’ve heard using it twice is dangerous if you dont wait a month!


  1. punk_raw

    How do you “accidentally” use a crappy flea medicine on your pets? I’m sure you didn’t “accidentally” buy it.
    Buy some Advantage. Wash the cats and in a few days put on the Advantage. You’re also going to have to treat the house as fleas only hop on pets to feed – they set up house in your carpets.

  2. uk wholesalers

    Dip a fine tooth comb in rubbing alcohol and comb your cat out. Starting from the head down. This is some advice that my vet gave me for my cat and it worked. Good luck!!

  3. ashley k

    Don’t use it untill next month… it can poision your cats, and put them into shock. I recommend going to a pet store and just getting flea shampoo and washing them in that, it works pretty well. For the Larva you can get a comb that will take it out. I reccomend cutting their claws before giving them a bath though, so they can’t scratch as hard

  4. nesmith5

    Diamataceous earth. You can get it at plant stores or places like Lowes or Home Depot. Do not get the kind for pools, get the food grade kind. You can put in right on your cats and it will not hurt them. As a matter of fact, if they lick it off, it will kill any worms or internal parasites they have. You can also put it on your carpets and furniture to kill fleas and around the baseboards, it will kill spiders and roaches. It is made of a natural ingredient from the ocean that is ground up into a powder and when it gets on the fleas and other insects, the microscopic bits of it cut them all to pieces. It does the same to intestinal parasites without harming your pets. We put it out every spring all over the yard and porch and we have not had a flea problem in years and before that we seemed to be infested with them. The only problem with putting it outside is that every time it rains, you have to re-apply it, but it is not that bad. It does not cost much and it might even be on sale at gardening supply stores right now. Try it and you will be amazed. You will not even have to use the advantage again because the fleas will stay off the kitties.

  5. jared

    my dogs had a flea problem as well i took them to the vet and they gave us a brand called advantage they also have advantage plus which is good for heartworm and other things all combined in one. It is a simple solution that gets dropped between the shoulder blades of the animal and self-distributes all over the animal it kills everything except when in the cocoon stage and the second they are hatched and try to eat anything off of the animal it dies. After a week of applying this i saw barely any fleas and it has been one month and i have only seen 1 flea in the last 2 weeks, i will get at least 2 more treatments for them even though it seems they are gone. It is about $13 dollars for each med. and you only need to apply it once a month. GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Fay

    From my own experience with two cats Frontline Cat is the best. But yes wait a while before you apply it to the cat. If you can not afford vets charges you can buy it on the Internet now since 2005 the rules have been relaxed, and its alot cheaper than vets charges for Frontline Cat. Dont forget to treat your house too.The fleas jump off the cat onto carpets furnishings and flooring, then they breed in them. Good luck I hope you get rid of them.

  7. Wintergi

    Don’t let your husband ever do that again. The cheap flea medicine is toxic to cats and as you know, doesn’t even work.
    Get a flea comb and just comb out most of them by hand for now until you can use Advantage next month.

  8. That guy

    Using the Feline Advantage or Advantix should be safe. But I would call your vet and ask to be on the safe side before applying it.

  9. green information

    Surprisingly (and you might not believe me) Dawn dishwashing liquid does the trick – especially if you give it three or four goes over the span of a week. I had to use this method when my kitties were really young, as there was nothing else available which I trusted. They had a bad batch of fleas, and it worked a treat without making the kitties sick. Just mix a strong batch in the tub and send your felines for a nice spa, make sure you rinse off properly though. And good luck with the scratches!

  10. Chalice

    I can vouch that Frontline is safe to use a few days after any other cheap flea stuff. I don’t know about Advantage; I would think it is, but just ring the vet to check. You could bath the stuff off the cat, wait 48 hours and then use the Advantage. You have to wait 48 hours after bathing anyway before you can use a spot-on or it won’t be able to spread through the skin.
    It isn’t flea larvae you seeing on your cat, flea larvae and eggs are microscopic. It’s flea dirt (poos). They look like little black specks and comma shapes, right? They will take a while to go after the pet has been properly treated – I always brush them out the day after treating. If you want to wash them out just make sure you wait 48 hours after applying the Advantage.

  11. Need Answers? Psychic Readings by Phone

    use a heavy soap on the cats, let it set a bit then wash, after wards or now place night lights in sockets and use a small white bowl and fill the bowl with water, or add drops of dish soap the fleas are attracted to the light, jump in the bowl and drawn or get stuck in the soap. White works because it absorbs more light, i have heard of using a green light works also…good luck
    Don’t wash then too often and let the soap work for you it will suffocate the fleas, and a good combimg

  12. partegg

    Pine sol kills fleas. Dilute it in a spray bottle, put it on the cats, rub it in real good, comb it if you can. It won’t hurt them it they lick it. You can use it as often as you want until you can get your proper meds next month. I have always used this around my kennel. Pat @ WTF

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