My cats and dogs have fleas!!! Use Frontline Plus for Cats on the cats?
i don’t know! Please help!!!
Thanks in advance!


  1. sanny

    Yes frontline is very good. Ask your vet for dog treatment and also for spray or similar for your home. Wash all your animal bedding in as hot water as possible. Good luck.

  2. lvt4cats

    Frontline is a great product. I use it on my own cat as a flea preventative. It is very safe and also effective. Make sure you get it at a veterinary office. It can be found in stores, but these stores are not obtaining their product legally or ethically. Also, if you do not purchase it through a vet clinic, the manufacturer guarantee is void. Not that you’ll really need it – this product is very good.
    Like others have mentioned, treating your pets is only the first step. You also need to treat the environment. Ask your vet about the environmental products they recommend. It may be a spray or a powder. Bombs are not recommended as they only coat the tops of everything, whereas fleas like to hide under things and in dark corners when they aren’t feeding off mammals!
    Once the fleas are gone, do not stop treatment. My cats have never had fleas, but I use a topical flea (and heartworm) preventative on them every month just in case. It is much easier to prevent fleas than to get rid of them!

  3. GrayLady

    Frontline works, but if you have a very bad infestation, you will have to apply the product more than once. The package comes with three applications. This product apparently has a very nasty taste to the cat so if they lick at it, it will cause them to drool. It wouldn’t hurt them, it just looks nasty. This is the link for the Frontline website that might answer more questions you have:
    I have used this product on my own pets and I have been generally happy with the results.

  4. Mickensey D

    yess!!! huryy! like some one else said you eather need to leave you home for 3 days or treat your home

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