I have 2 adult cat, one of which had kittens 3 weeks ago, and i have a very bad infestation of fleas in my house…its horrible!
Can i use flea control methods like bombs, powders etc when i have 5 young kittens? And can i use frontline on the queen and her kittens?
Any advice also on getting rid of them ..i have tried to frontline both the cats, hoovered all the furniture and carpets etc, but they are still here!



  1. Chalice

    You need to treat all animals and your house, regularly. USe stuff from the vets, not the pointless and often dangerous stuff from petshops/supermarkets.
    Frontline is good, and the spray form can be used on puppies and kittens from 2 days old. You won’t find stuff in petshops this safe!
    Go to your vets. Buy Frontline spray for the mum and kitten, and something like Indorex or Staykil for your house – you will probably need to do two treatments with vacuuming afterwards, as you need to wait for leftover eggs to hatch before they will die.
    Flea collars, shampoos, ‘bombs’ – all fairly pointless. Yes of course Frontline is more expensive – it actually works! And it is not ‘poison’ – the person who said that probably buys petshop rubbish, which often IS poison! Frontline isn’t!

  2. JeN

    For the adult cats – Use Frontline EVERY month, and do not stop. The fleas will keep appearing until every egg entrenched in your carpet and in your hard, in your uholstery has hatched. Don’t be fooled into thinking the ‘Frontline isn’t working’ it’s working, but each one of those fleas has to jump on your cat before it will die. If you have a safe place to keep the cats and kittens for a day, I suggest flea bombing your house as well, yes (turn up all the matresses against the wall so the gas hits all sides, same with couch cushions, etc..).
    For the kittens – get a flea spray, like Adam’s Flea and Tick, and spray a good dose on a hand towel. Bring each kitten to the towel, and wrap em up in it like a loose burrito (head exposed, of course). Do this for about 2-3 minutes a couple times a day until the fleas have disappeared.
    And finally – DO NOT LET YOUR CATS BREED if you have an uncontrolled flea problem!! Spay and neuter them, or keep them away from each other, it’s not fair to the kittens.

  3. Ebab831

    Get a flea comb – you can get these on ebay. Wash all of your rugs, bedsheets, towels, cat bedding, sofa covers, pillow cases , etc and hopefully this will help!

  4. Brooke G

    You need to get all living things cats, plants, kids, you, hubby out of the house and bomb that sucker. Also, when you are done give the cats a good flea dip or a bath, and try Revolution. It always kept fleas off of my cats. Last, anybody who lives in your house needs to take a long warm shower before lying down for bed or spending took much time on furniture. If your cat’s have a bed or blankets they sleep on throw them in the wash because that’s a nesting ground. Talk to your vet. Hope it helps.

  5. Barney

    You’ve treated the animals which is good but now you must treat your house, frontline is excellent and kills anything on your animals but you have to rid your house of the lava and flees, flees can leave thier eggs in the area between the carpet and skirting boards! You must always read the instructions of anything before you use it, normally you have to make sure the animals are out of the room you are treating, I would advise you go to your vet for treatment for the house and animals, obviously you have been to the vet for frontline, but i have found buying from shops, supermarkets etc it doesnt work, the vets sell a spray for your house called Nuvan Top or they will have something similar which will be as good explain to the vet or the receptionist what animals you have and their ages etc make sure they know one of your cats has kittens and how old they are etc but im pretty sure you have to keep them out of the room you are treating for a certain length of time after you have sprayed and you will have to repeat this after a certain time to make sure you have got the lave aswell as the flees! Another tip is buy a flee collar a good make and put it in your hoover bag or Dyson drum leave it there for aslong as the collar will last its normally six weeks when you empty the drum just grab the flee collar with a carrier bag and after you have emptied the drum pop it back in then if you hoover up any flees or lave(eggs) the flee collar will kill them because flees and lave can live in your hoover! Some people say to just treat with flee spray only where your cat sleeps or lies or even visits my advice is to treat your whole house wether the cat goes there or not, its worth it in the long run and most definately be very thorough where your animals sleep again you will have to move them while you treat that area and make sure they can’t get back into it until it is safe for them normally after 6 hrs it is deemed safe but again read the instructions and if you have children or anyone suffers from asthma be very careful. One more thing mum will automatically try to take her babies straight back to her bed as if that is where she delivered them that is where she feels the safest just keep a close eye on her.

  6. BabeHear

    I quit buying poison to put on my dogs, and started feeding them garlic…my flea problem went away. If you can mix a teaspoon or so of minced garlic in your cats food, you might be surprised at the results…
    Do some research on safe treatment of your home, since animals live in it, and once you get rid of the fleas hopefully whatever you choose to use on your cats, will keep the critturs away…
    Also do some research online for flea control methods, and see what sounds best for your situation…

  7. EVH 5150

    you can get a product called flearid, you spray it on the carpets and furniture and when they come in contact with it they die same with the larvae. it`s lasts 6mths.

  8. wendy wee wees

    hoover the whole house first you need to spray the whole house with a flea killer that you can buy from vet you must remove all cats from the house while you do this ,wait a few hours the house spray lasts for 1 year and you must frontline the cat every month. ask your vet for advice about de fleaing the kittens and nursing queen as I dont know about them.

  9. Need a solution? Keliyah is an Accurate Medium Psychic

    front line is really good. my cat is a keen hunter and often brings a “take away” home to show us sometimes 3 times a night the little monster! which is where i think he gets all the fleas from! i find like nits on humans treatments can only do so much and frequent brushing is the only way to go in conjunction with the frontline. try adding some dilute tea tree oil and washing the carpets and a good hoover that will really beat the carpets when you go over them. good luck xxx

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