My animals have all had bad fleas for awhile now.
Once we noticed the fleas, mommy cat got pregnant, and kittens, and after those kittens got done nursing she got pregnant again. Now the flea problem is the worst I’ve ever seen it. Is there any way to get rid of the fleas in the less than one week old babies and their mom? Or do I have to wait until they are done nursing and hope mommy doesn’t get pregnant again?


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    Bathe the kittens in dawn (or joy) detergent and water. You need to get the kittens flea-free before they become anemic.
    They are much too young for flea dips and flea/tick topicals.
    It is just as important -if not more- to get rid of the fleas in your home as it is to get them off your cats. Break out the vacuum! If you even leave a few fleas behind, your cats will continue to become infested. Throughly clean your carpets, couches, bed, etc… anywhere your cats have been. I would clean out one room and place the cat and her kittens in this room away from everyone else.
    PLEASE be responsible and SPAY your cat!!!!!!!! Poor thing! You can safely have mom spayed once the kittens are done nursing. I would not wait a day longer.

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    give them a flea bath, if you have them inside use a flea bomb in every room but make sure nobody or pets are in the house when you activate them. You can buy them at any pet shop. After you wash the mother with the flea bath use a mild pet soap to wash her again then make sure you wash her nipples and underside very well

  3. Jaded Ruby

    Treat Mama with a topical treatment like advantage. These are safe for nursing mothers. Do NOT put any on the kittens themselves they are far too young. You can use the detergent like people said to help control what is already there…..But washing kittens all the time isn’t a good answer either. Especially young kittens who become easily hypothermic. Use the advantage…or somthing comparable. I’ve done this with good results.
    Please go spay her right now. This also doesn’t hurt a nursing mother or babies. Spay!SPAY!

  4. KathyS

    More cats = more fleas. Stop letting your female get pregnant all the time!
    Take the kittens to the vet. They have a flea foam that can be used on young kittens.

  5. letterst

    it depends upon the age of the kittens… you can call the vet and ask what treatment is safe to use on the mother cat, and how old the kittens have to be to give them a good flea bath (and ask what product is safe).
    that’s the best you can do….
    fleas are also host to the tapeworm, and your cat could probably use a good worming.
    take care.

  6. Sara

    Garlic feed the mom lots and lots of garlic – and when the kittens are eating put some in there food fleas hate it . Other than that – just get a flea comb and comb them lots have a cup of boiling water run the comb through there fur then dip it straight in the water really quickly after you’ve run it through the fur – have some tissue to wipe the comb and repeat . The water needs to be very hot ! you may need to boil some more during the process – just keep combing till you dont get any more out – it elevates there imeadiate suffering !

  7. acetone3

    Hoping your cat doesn’t get pregnant again really won’t work.
    Either keep her in the house if you don’t have male cats…OR GET HER FIXED. I suggest the second option.
    Tons of cats get put down everyday because there isn’t enough homes. Please don’t contribute to the cat population. Be a responsible pet owner!

  8. Christine C

    Wash them in dawn washing up liquid which will drown the fleas until they are done nursing. Momma needs to be kept inside until she can be spayed ASAP, just hoping that mama doesn’t get pregnant again will end you right back in the same situation. Be a responsible pet owner.

  9. Saph

    Dry bathe them in cornstarch and give the mom cat brewer’s yeast tablets (buy them in a vitamin store). Clean or replace all their bedding, and the area around them. Good luck!

  10. Suburban Mom
    This link gives helpful advice on how to get rid of them in young cats. If this is a continual problem I would get the mother fixed so she can’t continue to have kittens, if this isn’t what you want then keep her away from male cats until you can remove the fleas. The part that’s worse than your cats all having fleas is that they’ve brought them into your home- good luck!

  11. Katie T

    Do not use any chemicals on the kittens or mother, especially the chemicals like advantage, because these go to her blood stream and then through the milk directly to the kittens. Use a flea brush on the mother and kittens, get all the nits out that you can and when a flea gets stuck in the prongs of the comb squish it. This is the safest way to do it.

  12. bigeyes

    send me a message to my email address. vet told me to hand pick fleas off the small kittens. they are only 1 week old. Its really hurting me that i cant do anything for them. when i tried to hand pick was only able to get out a small amount.@ 5 i totally saw @ 15 fleas maybe more. i will come back and check if anyone has any ideas. Will try the fleas comb tomorrow right after work. ALL I DID WAS SAVE A CAT FROM GETTING RUNNED OVER went door to door and nobody claimed her. didnt know she was gonna have kittens she started getting big..

  13. Jennifer

    Okay PEOPLE..we get that she needs to get the cat Spayed…She didn’t asked to be preached to. She asked a simple question. Which I was looking for the answer when I took in a cat that was already pregnant and I didn’t know. Just give us the answer and quit preaching! It doesn’t help to make people feel bad.

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