I don’t understand but ever since I put flea powder on my cats ( outside) I have got fleas inside of my house. I was wondering how to get rid of them?( Ive got hardwood floors)
How to get rid of them from my hardwood floors, also , how to get rid of them from my couch? I don’t want to use to defogger.


  1. dmac6806

    Hi, Kim. The trouble with fleas is that they hide in everything–carpets, furniture, bedding, you name it. If your home is infested, a so-called flea “bomb,” or fogger, is your first, best option.
    You will need to buy one can of fogger for each room in your home, and fog all of the rooms simultaneously. They’re pretty easy to use, and they typically don’t stain or discolor your furniture, but once you’ve deployed and activated them, you and the cats will need to clear out of the house for several hours. You can purchase flea foggers online or in-person at almost any pet supply store.
    If the foggers don’t work, then your only other alternative would be to call in a professional exterminator. That’s what I had to do last year, when both of my cats became infested.
    Oh, and one other thing. Instead of flea powder, consider using something like Frontline or Frontline Plus to treat your cats. The trouble with flea powders is that they only work on adult fleas (the ones you can see). They don’t really do anything against flea larvae, and in order to rid your cats and your home of fleas, you really need to attack the flea at every stage of its’ life cycle.
    Good luck to you and your kitties!

  2. The Bricklayer

    I used a Flea Bomb.
    You get them on the net,open the box and light the fuse.
    If this is what you would call a defogger,then forgive me and ignore this answer.

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