My husband all most hit a 8-10 week old puppy that some one dropped off along side the highway. I am so sick of picking up strays, just got rid of a mommy kitty and her 5 kittens.
This poor puppy was so covered with fleas that you could barley see her face or her belly. I bathed her in a flea killing shampoo and put some of that flea killer that you buy at Walmart and its not harmfull to kids or puppies. It killed over half of the fleas but there are still tons left, what should I try now. Should I put another dose on?



  1. cheekylu

    Awww bless you .. you are doing the decent thing though helping the puppy out or else it could of died on the side of the highway..
    Ok im in the UK so our flea treatments may be a little different but i work in a massive retail pet store in Britain and we do flea tables called “4 Fleas” and basically all you’d have to do is wrap the pill in a bit of meat and the puppy should eat it without knowing there is any pill in there .. basically the pill then gets into the blood stream and kills the fleas because the fleas suck the blood of the puppy.. it should kill 100% of the fleas and stop any flea eggs from hatching also.. some of the flea killers you buy that you put onto the skin and shampoo’s only repel the fleas they don’t actually kill them so it’s misleading because you assume they are going to kill all the fleas but really they are only strong enough to repel them whereas the pill will get into the bloodstream and work from the inside out.. with the pills we have you just give the puppy one pill everytime you see they have fleas and it works within 24hours.. a side affect is the puppy will scratch alot during the 24hours but thats a good thing because you know the fleas are dying..
    You could try Walmart for the pills if not its going to be your local pet store.. it’s difficult suggesting anything because you live on the other side of the atlantic lol but i hope the info has helped.. deffinately go for a pill type flea treatment
    Good Luck… i hope the puppy is flea free soon = )
    P.S You may want to get a household flea spray for the carpets and furnishings in your home and also the puppys bed as fleas thrive in these areas and then will contaminate the puppy all over again.

  2. horsewhi

    No, it’s too soon to apply another dose as it does contain pesticides that in too high a dose could be dangerous. I will say the over the counter spot on treatments don’t work as well as they say. The vet’s office can sell you a tablet called Capstar that will make all the fleas drop dead of the dog within an hour. It’s safe and a good way to get rid of a bad flea infestation initially. Then in 2 weeks from last time you applied the spot on treatment you can add another application. I recommend Advantage, Frontline, or Advantix. In the meantime fleas can’t stand oils, so bathing in a neem oil shampoo and/or applying skin so soft will help repel them. When using a flea spot on treatment(Like the ones listed above.) remember to wait until the dog is completely dry after a bath to apply and don’t use harsh detergent shampoos like some flea shampoos and dish soap they will decrease the affect. Also you should try to treat your house and yard to completely be rid of the fleas. Vacuum really good and dispose of the vacuumed contents. Wash linens and dog’s bedding. You can sprinkle borax around the house to safely deter fleas or buy a flea powder. Spray the yard with a pesticide known to kill and repel fleas.

  3. IQ test

    You can use frontline on a puppy. I do it all the time. And the money you waste on things that won’t work will buy a fifteen dollar tube of frontline for Mom which will help the whole litter. If you just have on puppy, get the Frontline spray.

  4. ShanShan

    I would shampoo her again and then apply a better flea product such as Frontline rather than Wal-Mart brand. You can get Frontline from a vet for sure, and possibly at a pet store.

  5. Kiyah

    Use Dawn dish soap and hot water. People use it on dogs and cats that are to young for the medicated shampoo.

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