1. Wakpala

    Flea powder probably. I know they sell stuff to give your bunnies a bath and maybe they might have a shampoo that you can use.

  2. Munya Says: DUH!

    You can use flea powder that is ONLY for rabbits…. for cats or dogs, it’ll kill your bunnies.
    Call the vet or your local feed store (farm-store, not pet-store).

  3. *

    I had a similar problem, I bought spot on for small animals, it was fantastic and worked quickly. It’s a gel that you apply to the back of your bunnies neck. All is explained on the back of the packet. Hope your bunny gets better.:D

  4. Chalice

    Advantage for Rabbits. It’s the only licensed treatment for rabbits that I know of – oh, I have heard they do Revolution for bunnies too.
    Only use flea treatments specifically for rabbits, i.e. not Frontline. Don’t use ANY flea treatment from a pet store for any animal – at best they won’t work, at worse they’ll be dangerous.

  5. zamarel

    Talk to a vet or pet store. I am sure they have somrthing similar to Frontline you can use on rabbits. That works best.

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