i have five kittens that are one month old and their mother goes outside and now when she come back in the house she has fleas. How do i get rid of the fleas on the kittens?


  1. маұа

    Bathe them until they are two months old. Then you can treat them. If they are healthy kittens, you may be able to put treatment on the mother only because some of it will get on the kittens as well. I’d call the vet to make sure you can do that beforehand, though. I’d suggest frontline because it builds a barrier against fleas by creating little crystals over their skin.. and it’s much safer than anything you can buy at a dept store.

  2. hazardous

    Advantage or Frontline products. You can buy them at your vet’s office. Although, I think they have to be a certain age. I don’t know if you can use them on 1-month old kittens.

  3. *♥*

    try one product at a time and wait for it to see if it works and if it doesn’t try another one if you want to it would be ok to go to the vet and get them tooken of thats what i did with my dog i think they can do that with cats to!

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