My dog has been bathed, treated, scrubbed and medicated and yet nothing is helping getting rid of these fleas (I take that is waht they are). He is in terrible health so I am not sure if it is because he has three paws in the grave and one a banana peel or that it might be some other bug. They look bigger than fleas to me but I am not sure. Thanks for your help.


  1. crowfeat

    Frontline or Advantage, never fails for us. No Prescription needed. Gets rid of the fleas in just a couple days. Probably what the vet will prescribe anyway!

  2. Friedokr

    We use Revolution from the vet. Covers fleas, mosquitoes, ear mites, etc. Works great for us.
    You may want to take the dog to the vet anyway. They can give your dog some relief from all the itchy bites while the meds begin working. You’ll have to get the fleas out of the house too.
    Good luck!

  3. mom 2 a queen

    call the vet and a bug man to spray your yard clean your carpets and treat EVERYWHERE your dog lays

  4. macrs5

    My wife is a vet tech and she is guessing that you are buying over the counter remedies instead of medication purchased from a vet. Apparently a big difference. She also says that dog is likely sick because it is has a flea allergy. Get animal to the vets as soon as you are ready for improvement as the vet has excellent remedies that are soooo easy to apply. Good luck

  5. mark k

    you could let your dog run wild in sea water – it helps.
    alternatively let your dog bake in the sunlight for a couple of hours.
    last option: shave your dog bald (which helps 99.99% of the time.

  6. RI

    I use to use Front Line you get it from your vet, It is very expensive but sure do help, Thy use it on Horses and all sort of farm animals, it stinks for a couple of Minuit’s but it’s worth it, and it drives the fleas out of your house and yard

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