We have some fleas in the basement. There are NO animals down there. I have a dog but he does not go down there. There are noo fleas on my dog or up on the other floor. There use to be my mothers cats down there but they havent been for about a month now. Any way we can get rid of them without calling people to come here? thanks


  1. Pat C

    You will need to “fog” each floor so they will All die at the same time. I would (and did!) fog every flood with 3 or 4 foogers each and leave the house for the whole day, remember to close all the windows and turn off the AC. Carefully air out the house for a few hours before bring in the baby and other pets back into the house.
    Good Luck.

  2. abacaxit

    If it’s just the basement, use a “Raid Fumigating Fogger” down there. It’s a water-activated bug bomb that lets out clouds of smoke. It doesn’t stink like the
    Followthe directions: turn off ACand fans,close windows, etc.
    Take the dog and the baby to the park,or visit friends for a couple of hours and come back to a flea-free house.

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