You see, i have 2 indoor cats, they are both persians… I bombed the house, i gave them a flea bath, flea treatment, and flea brush. But fleas tend to always come back! I dont know where they came from!


  1. Spots^..

    flea comb the cats. vaccume the ENTIRE house.
    use products w/ pyrethrin (derived from the flower heads of several types of Old World chrysanthemums; their pesticidal properties have been utilized for centuries), which is not as toxic as most other options.
    after vaccuming, sprinkle throughout your home and especially in their beds diatomaceous earth, which is a type of fossilized algae that resembles chalk dust. The fine, sharp-edged particles attach themselves to and penetrate the waxy coating on a flea’s shell-like exoskeleton, causing the little bloodsucker to dehydrate and die.

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    The flea pupae (the life stage between larva and adult) are in your house and they survive pesticides. They ‘hatch’ out when people or animals pass near. Flea eggs and larvae can also persist in places where the ‘bomb’ doesn’t reach.
    The best bang for your flea control buck is something like Advantage or Frontline. It is expensive up front, but it totally works. The insecticide sticks to the cat hairs and persists in your house killing flea larvae, too, reducing the need to do followup area treatments.
    1. put on a brand-name monthly topical like advantage or frontline or revolution, every 3-4 weeks religiously
    2. vacuum every nook and cranny of your home where flea eggs might have gone. They fall out of the cat’s coat, and the larvae can move about 5 feet from there so pupae can be everywhere! they prefer spots where the cat frequents, though, because that is where their food – flea droppings – is. Get under cushions and under furniture, crevices, etc. Wash everything fabric that is loose. Deep pile carpets might not be possible to completely vacuum, so treat those with a direct-spray flea treatment – choose something at a pet store or veterinarian office, that says it controls larvae, not just live fleas. The cheap ones are not only ineffective, they are more toxic. Repeat vacuum & treatment every 2-3 weeks to get rid of new hatchers.
    This should solve your problem in a month, assuming the cats aren’t going outside to bring in more fleas. Good luck!

  3. srslymac

    I dealt with an infestation in my apartment just last year. For my cat, I got flea killing/preventative shampoo (at Wal-Mart!), and I washed her. Be aware that they may have special shampoos for kittens, that may be less harsh. Either way, make sure you follow the directions really carefully.
    Unfortunately, the fleas got all over the apartment, which was terrible. The thing is, fleas don’t actually stay on your cat. They breed and set up camp in the carpets and all that. To kill them in the carpets, I used Borax (Wal-Mart in the laundry/baking soda section). You sprinkle it all over the carpets and leave it on over night. Then vacuum it up.
    Then I bought this flea spray called Sergeant’s Gold Household Flea & Tick Spray. (With a gold cap. Wal-Mart in the pet section.) That killed them. Follow those directions carefully too. Don’t let your cats on the carpets when it’s wet (and cover up any fish tanks/hamster or bird cages/etc. when you spray).
    Also, for the bath, I’ve heard it kills fleas when you add a few drops of original Dawn dishwashing soap to the shampoo. Who knows if it really works, I forgot to put it in there.
    Good luck with the flea-ridding!

  4. RitaGrl2

    Not to long ago….we had the worse flea epidemic ever in the house (3 inddor cats)…the only way I found to officially get rid of them is Frontline, a little pricey but give it two-three months and they will officially be gone. Make sure you wash all bedding and vacumn the house thoroughly. Also, once gone you should keep up with the frontline! You should never have a flea problem again! Good Luck! 🙂

  5. eyJude

    bombing won’t kill the eggs…
    DO THIS …it works.
    and is cheap and non toxic
    I have a NATURAL remedy for getting rid of fleas in your house.
    Go to the Store and buy some 20 Mule Team BORAX. (you find it in the soap isle if you can’t find it ask the manager to order some for you)
    Then sprinkle it all over. Carpets, couch, bedding, pillows, PET BED’s, car, even wood floors.
    I walk around on the floor so it gets down into the fibers. Rub your hand over the couch, etc.
    What Boax does is coats the eggs … The eggs hatch deformed or unable to reproduce.
    You will have to do this 2 or 3x about a week apart in order to get all the egg cycles.
    Since I did this I no longer have fleas in the house. Since you vacuume it up it is not a danger to pets or children.
    FOR YOUR PET. Use the topical flea killer that is on the market or wash with Dawn dish washing soap (make sure to rinse all soap out) and use a flea comb (this is also a head lice comb) especially for kittens or puppies who are too young to have insecticide put on them.
    Kill the fleas that you find on the comb with soap or alcohol

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