My cat has had fleas since last summer, but now that it’s getting warm out again, they are getting worse. I have tried about every kind of flea medicine including Frontline. I have also tried different home remedies, like garlic. I need a sure way to get rid of the fleas on my cat.




    Purchase a thing called advantage, it is a liquid that you put on the back of the cats neck and it will protect it from fleas and ticks and kill all the fleas in your house. Follow the directions on the box, It will work 100%

  2. tj

    There is a flea pill called Capstar available at most all vets offices. It will kill the fleas on your cat in an hour or two. However, you sound like you have an infestation in your house and you need to get your house and your yard treated for fleas by a pest control service otherwise the fleas will jump right back onto your cat. Also, use frontline monthly to keep the fleas at bay. It costs about $10 per month but it’s well worth it. Generally you can discontinue the flea control only in the winter months if you live in a state that gets cold in the wintertime like the Midwest. If you live in a warmer climate and your winters are mild you need to continue them on flea control year round.

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    As vicky says Frontline does the trick,my cat also has fleas everytime summer comes around,you can buy frontline in spray&also it comes in a little triangle bottle which you put on back of the cats neck,dont touch the cat&reapply every 4 weeks,also find out where your cat is sleeping or hiding,maybe the fleas are in there,you can also buy things for the house that will get rid of fleas,if all else fails then take your cat to the vets,they can advise you what to do.good luck!

  4. Calamitt

    With an infestation you need to due two thing get a spray with a Nylar system in it, what it is looks like a bomb but it’s a spray and the Nylar in it keeps working for 3 months, so when new one come it, or hatch out they will die for about 2-3 months depending on how bad it is you’ll see fleas, I’ve only seen it at the vets and not sure of the name. Also use Frontline PLUS every month for 3 months or more and then you can go to every 6 wks. I’ve been using is for 12 yr know after my infestation and in 12 yrs and four cats, four dogs, NO FLEAS:) !!! Just went through this with my friend, her brother and her mother know this yr no fleas:) Also start it early next yr and you should be good to go, no bath 3 days before and after:)
    also when spraying get in closests, under beds, under couch couchins, basements (even if cement and they never go there), curtains (won’t stain) hope you get the idea:)

  5. Anora

    Here is a link.
    Remember, you have to take a three legged approach to fighting fleas. First the ones on the animal, I like Neem oil shampoo, or lemon dawn, this will kill the fleas on the pet and the neem includes some residual repellant properties. Next the home and then the yard. The link above contains info which can safely be used on both. The archer product mentioned in the link I have found at the local Scruggs hardware store for a smaller size and only $17, so before you buy, check around, you might find it cheaper locally.
    Hope this helps,

  6. holymole

    well i think you need to really clean any soft surfaces in your house shampoo the rugs find a cleaner for pets and fleas or if you cant find a cleaner for a shampooer try some pet shampoo for cats and use that (never done it so i don’t know how it will work) also clean the sheets comforters mattress couches chairs and if that is to much work or doesn’t work try calling pest control or consulting your vet for other solutions

  7. Crimson & Clover

    Make sure you vacuum A LOT after giving them the frontline. Get rid of the vacuum bag immediately or if you have a bagless vacuum then put a flea collar in the tank.

  8. Vicky

    Frontline will only kill the fleas that bite your cat but not the infestation in your house or apartment. They are probably feeding on humans. A good pest control service can kill the infestation. Frontline will prevent future infestations.

  9. Anne

    Advantage But if you have had fleas that badly you probably need to “Air Bomb” your place. Make sure you are buying the right dosage. Weight of cat you are sure?

  10. bluestar

    Frontline plus will work but you have to treat the house and yard too. Get some yard spray for outdoors and then flea bomb the house. Repeat after 3 weeks.

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