I have a Japanese Spitz dog about 1 year old. Since he was little, he had these black fleas, with six legs i think, in his body. We used powder, with 5% carbaryl, when he was about 3 months old but it was ineffective. Also recently, we used a shampoo targeted to that flea but still ineffective. I heard about this belt that has some sort of medicine in it that kills the fleas and I went to buy it, but the salesman said the medical effect is only limited to 4 months and I thought the tagged price, for only 4 months, was expensive. Please help me…


  1. LucySD

    You choices are limited. You not only have to buy the expensive stuff from the vet or online with a prescription from the vet…Usually it’s cheaper that way.. None of it will do any good unless you treat your house as well, bottom line the house is saturated with the fleas.
    Also you can add to that a good flea and tick shampoo and a spray.
    We give our dogs sentinel once a month plus frontline plus the Adams flea and tick shampoo and spray. They have come out with a new product “Adamsâ„¢ Spot On® Flea & Tick Control for Dogs”
    similar to frontline. the shampoo and the spray can be used on both canine and feline but not the spot on.
    You need to read the information about the fleas
    Kill them on your pet
    In your home
    And in your yard
    Your flea and tick problem isn’t
    just on your pet. http://www.adamsfleacontrol.com/
    Product cataloghttp://www.adamsfleacontrol.com/products…http://www.adamsfleacontrol.com/spotons.…
    Sorry but it’s expensive unless you want to be scratching your head AND HAVE THEM JUMPING ON YOU IN BED.!!!!!
    EDITED: The sentinel protects the dog from heartworm and a multitude of other worms….. I noticed no one mentioned the other worms and heartworms. Fleas can cause some types of internal worms. Heartworm causes a dog to literally suffocate to death and if you get treatment it’s is EXPENSIVE and they use arsenic and there is no gurantee.
    Just use a heartworm product…Owning a dog or cat is just as expensive as a child. I’ve had 3 treated for cancer.

  2. Business Logo Design

    There are a lot of small cream like products for around 30$ which you rub on your dog once a month.
    I used a couple creams like this on my dog, they only helped a little. They didn’t remove the fleas.
    Also, apparently dogs can get fleas from sand or dirt, so if you have anything like that in your yard, you could try to move your dogs chain / leash to a grassy area.

  3. bells301

    Fleas live ON his body, not IN his body. They also live in carpets, drapes, and lots of other surfaces in your house.
    You need to take your dog to the vet…they will give you a topical liquid to apply between your dogs shoulder blades (usually). That only lasts 30 days, you have to re-apply every month.
    and about it being expensive, I hope you didnt think that owning a dog was going to be cheap?

  4. Red

    I use Frontline for my dogs.
    You can use Dawn dish soap -the original kind; the blue one – to wash your dog. Leave the Dawn on the dog for no less than 5 minutes to be effective.
    If you are unsuccessful with topical flea medication, there are oral medications available as well.
    Consult with your vet.

  5. Shantel

    What I would suggest for this is giving him a vinegar and dawn liquid dish soap. It worked on my beagle very nicley. There will be no bad after smell after words either.
    I don’t know if i helped but you can try 🙂

  6. Jess.

    You have to get frontline and vacuum multiple times a day. Try getting carpet powder to kill the fleas in the carpet. There are more fleas in your house then on your dog.

  7. hoot

    well for starters you said the flea was in the dogs skin? Thats a tick, but if your sure they are fleas then the best thing to do is to groom the animal at least twice a week Japanese spitz have very long hair that needs to be tammed regularly. If you use flea soap they come in different types you can find the one that would best fit and use that. Do Not Use flea collars these can make your lil puppy sick and plus they really dont work that well. You can also try a product called advantage flea control. I use it on my pet it works awsome its a liquid. Just follow the directions on the label and it will prevent fleas,misquitos,and ticks for about 4 months. its about ten dollars and it is water proof as well. I hope you enjoy your new addition to the family and I hope this information helps!! ( make sure as well that you keep your home flea free buy using flea powder on the carpets and rugs and spray on the sofa, ETC. and also make sure you watch where you walk your dog there are alot of people who dont bathe thier dogs and alot of homeless animals fleas and ticks sit on blades of grass outside and then hop onto the animals fur so those are some other things to check into)

  8. ratlover

    Your best bet is to use a flea preventative (topical treatment) such as Frontline, Frontline Plus, Frontline Top Spot, Advantage, or Advantix. All of these kill fleas (there are minor differences between them, some kill only adults, some also kill eggs/larvae, some kill ticks as well). All are available without a prescription either at a pet store, online, or from your veterinarian. All are safe and effective. Another wonderful product is Capstar, also available without a prescription. It is a tablet that will kill the adult fleas within minutes to hours. It is safe to use with a topical treatment.
    You need to use a topical treatment once monthly, year round, to prevent the fleas from returning. If you have other pets (cats or dogs) they need to be treated as well.
    Here is more information about fleas and flea control, as well as the different products available: http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content…
    You will also need to treat your house.
    Wash everything washable in hot water. Vacuum thoroughly after spraying the bag or canister with flea spray, and empty it outside. Purchase a spray (I personally like the Raid flea spray in the purple can) and thoroughly spray every surface in your home: carpets, wood, and tile, as well as furniture, drapes, and curtains, and don’t forget under beds and in closets. Get everyone out of the house for a while. This may need to be repeated in a week or so.
    You may also need to spray outside your home as well. Simply purchase any insecticide that is labeled for outdoor use and labeled for flea control.
    Very best wishes to you.
    added: FYI, fleas do transmit tapeworms, but NOT heartworm. Mosquitos transmit heartworm. Your dog should indeed be on a heartworm preventative as well. Ask your vet, as heartworm preventatives are only available from a vet or with a vet’s prescription.

  9. draco42n

    To get rid of fleas you first have to understand the fleas “life cycle”
    Flea from outside jumps on your dog, throws a house party, drinks some bloody cool aid, breeds.
    It lays eggs which fall OFF of your dog and onto your floor/carpet.
    Eggs hatch into larvae.
    Larva eat whatever dry skin cells, dog or human, it can find.
    Larva turns into a flea.
    Flea jumps on your dog…. whole process repeats!!
    It takes 7-10days for this process to repeat.
    I got a puppy that was born under a shed. I took her home and when I gave her, her first bath, the water ran red from all the flea poop.
    (5 baths later and 4 hours of one by one flea picking my dog was “almost” flea free, but she had been in my house)
    Give your dog a bath everyday with the vinegar/dawn soap remedy someone suggested on here. (I used just plain dawn, Wish I had thought of the vinegar also!) for at least a week. You want to attack the flea problem head on!
    VACUUM your home AT LEAST 2XS (twice) a day!!
    (Here’s a little tip that REALLY helps!!! Go to Wal Mart or pet shot a buy a FLEA collar. 99cents at wal mart 2.00$ at the pet store. CHEAPEST one. Take it home, cut it into 2inch Pieces! Stick 2 Pieces in your vacuum bag or bag less cylinder. It will kill eggs larva and or fleas that they caught in the vacuum =) )
    You want to get rid of the eggs And the larva so they don’t turn into fleas!! =)
    Get your dog on flea preventatives like Advantage or the like.
    Get your dog tested for worms/ heart worms.
    Good luck hope this helps

  10. ladyelwi

    I was told by my vet to use Dawn Dish soap. It works for me. It pops the little buggers. I know it works cause i starts seeing blood spots on my dog where they died. But you can’t only wash your dog, you have to treat everything. Your floor, your furniture, your clothes and your bed for about a month or two to get rid of all of them. Every time a flea dies, it lays eggs automatically. The larvae then crawl to areas of he room that aren’t often disturbed, ie: under furniture, by the walls and in corners. Don’t forget they are also out side. So most people recommend that you treat your yard about once a month as well. And don’t forget to throw away your vacuum cleaner bag as well, if not the fleas will crawl right out.

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