I have tried everything to get rid of the fleas on my dog. Poor baby, he’s allergic to them too, so he scratches sores on himself. Now the fleas have consumed my home and if I can’t get rid of them off my dog, what do I do about my home? We have 4 children and this is a nuisance we definitely do NOT need!!


  1. 68T

    It’s going to take a complete workup of your house. First, your dog needs to be treated with a safe topical flea treatment like Frontline one monthly to prevent fleas, but every 3 weeks until the flea problem is under control. Vacuum your entire house thoroughly (it kills 99% of all flea cycles)- carpet, furniture, mattresses, etc. Wash all your dogs bedding, including yours if he sleeps on your bed. Spray your yard- Frontline makes a spray or you can get something OTC- just be careful, not all of those have great safety ratings. Do not use anything over the counter for flea treatment, as they are ineffective and unsafe. Just remember, as I mentioned before, it can take months to get it completely under control, so don’t give up after 2 weeks.

  2. nc97

    First of all shame on you saying your children are a nuisance you do not need.
    Your dog is scratching sores on himself?? Why, does he have an itch or are you jealous that he isnt scatching sores on you or other people like your friends.
    Perhaps the fleas have consumed you home because they are hungry or they are mad at you because your children are a nuisance.
    Whatever the case is. Send the fleas from home to some other home and they wont be hungry any more and may take your dog with them. Then you wont have the kids or the dog or the home and thus be free of responsibility and able to move about without sores.

  3. Michelle P

    Give your dog a capstar its for fleas it kills them instantly.Treat your home with flea bomb or use carpet powder for fleas.My cat and dog are allergic to fleas and that capstar works great best thing on the market.Vets charge a lot for it they charged me $10.00 a pill. You can get a whole box at http://www.thepetgear.net

  4. chika

    Once you have the fleas off the dog, the best product I have ever found
    is Sergeants flea carpet powder….I sprinkle on carpets and rugs and leave it all day (it kills the eggs and the fleas) and then vacuum it up!
    Good Luck

  5. wolflady

    You can get a powder or spray for home from the vets. Make sure you get into all the corners and ledges on your floor.

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