I just adopted a two year old dochhond mix. She was just spayed today so all she wants to do is sleep. Im just wondering how to go about teaching her. I have never trained an older dog before. I really dont think she has had an owner before. Im just wondering the best way to go about this. She is a sweet heart and awesome with people and even small children. Im mostly concerned with teaching her to potty outside. ?? help?


  1. Mista Ricksta

    Consistency is the issue when it comes to training dogs! You know this already! You CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

  2. Ron M

    In our city and perhaps in yours there are “dog training” classes. If I were you I would inquire and joing oneof these with your dog.
    I do not have a dog but I attended a couple of these classes out of curiosity and was amazed at the techniques used to trin dogs. I saw many dogs who would not obey any commands the first time I visited. Six weks later I watched to see these same dogs do amazing obedience tasks.
    I really believe the cost of such classes is the best money you could ever spend. One friend takes his dog down town and outside the bank says ” Stay”. That dog just sits there until his owner comes out. It NEVER moves an inch !
    Hope this helps.

  3. sggr

    ouch! she sound like a great dog, but housebreaking at 2 can be tough. my best advice is to take her out frequently using whatever “bathroom” word you want to teach her so that she associates going potty with the word. when she does go outside, praise her and give her a treat so that she associates going outside with positive rewards. definitely take her out after you feed her and before going to bed or out and after you get up or return. some people recommend crating, since dogs don’t like to go potty where they sleep.

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