I have 2 cats and a 1 BR apartment with carpet everywhere. What can I do to make certain that I don’t get fleas?
I am already giving them regular flea treatments, I have a couple flea traps set up, and I sprayed the apartment last month to kill whatever bug I had in the apartment before the cats arrived.


  1. TJ

    Monthly flea control such as frontline or revolution should keep the fleas under control on your cats. You get it at the vet and apply it between the shoulder blades once a month. You have to apply it monthly to keep it working. We found frontline didnt work well on our cats and switched them to revolution and have had no fleas. We dont use the flea stuff on them after the first frost when fleas die out for the winter but we resume it in March a month before spring begins and fleas resurface and continue it monthly again until late fall and first frost. Consider getting your carpets cleaned professionally to help with flea control from time to time. Having a pest control company spray for fleas in the house is effective just make sure they are using a product that wont harm your pets (most use non-toxic) or if they say it can be toxic to have your pets in the house while they spray consider boarding them for half a day or a full day until it dries well. We have wood floors now so fleas cant hide in the carpet any more. Best Wishes!

  2. stayc

    Its all going to depend on how bad the infestation is.
    I am a firm believer in Advantage for the pets, I have 2 cats myself and 2 kids… The kids running in and out bring in pests. It sucks.
    If it is really bad, have it professionally sprayed. Have the cats treated with Advantage and the problem should minimize.
    If it is minimal, I still suggest Advantage but get some pest bombs and treat the home.
    Either way, vacuum everyday and make sure you change the bag after wards.
    Good luck!

  3. Rick's Fav

    Make sure your cats are on a good flea preventative- NOT the crap you get at the grocery store and don’t waste your time with a flea collar (this just makes the fleas move toward the rear of the animal). Frontline is amazing, but expensive– but totally worth it!

  4. Coley

    Did the cats have fleas? I don’t get it really! You can’t get fleas, they may jump onyou but they can’t feed off you. Treat the cats regularly with a spot on treatment such as Frontline and don’t worry about it.

  5. Ruby

    You’re doing a great job!
    I would suggest vacuuming every day and maybe buying a bottle of Capstar to give your cats, just in case you ever do see another flea.

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