I just moved in an apartment & I got bit all over.. I know the previous tenant owned a cat, so therefore I’m sure theres’ fleas.. How can I get rid of em fast & safely? I have a dog & he’s stayin at my parents.. I wanna get rid of the fleas safely before bringing him in..


  1. justice 4 all

    There are many products on the market to rid fleas. I don’t like to use bombs unless there is an infestation of fleas. You can do one or two things call a professional exterminator and split the bill with the landlord(good luck) or use a product like Raid flea and tick killer. Spray this product in the main ares such as the living room and the bed rooms, along baseboards and under the kitchen sink. Then wait a couple of days and vacum real good. Fleas need a host but the eggs may still hatch. By spraying and then vacuuming you may lesson the chance of a reinvesting. Then use a good flea treatment for your pooch like Advantage. This will insure that he will not pick up any fleas left behind of kill the ones he may have already.

  2. grumpybe

    Vacuum EVERYWHERE repeatedly. You can pick up flea killer at a local pet store or walmart you need something with Nylar growth regulator or you’ll never get rid of them most insecticides only kill the adult fleas… vacuum a lot and get the growth regulator…..

  3. Chalice

    Go to a vets, they can give you a treatment that is both safe and effective. Don’t be bothering with any ‘bombs’ from a pet store or supermarket, waste of time and money – you need something that’s actually going to work.
    Even when you get rid of the fleas, you’ll still need to treat your dog regularly when you bring him home – again, with something from a vets.

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