I have a cat and hed a fleas now they are all over my house how do I kill them or how do I get rid of them


  1. Star T

    It’s going to take a lot of treatments, hansen! You may be able to kill a lot of those fleas however their eggs may remain in the carpet. You have to treat the outside of the house (lawn) as well as the inside. Try professional pest control. Bathe the cat in a tub and make sure the cat is immerged up to his neck. You will see the fleas going up his head. Use flea shampoo. Repeat as needed.

  2. The First Dragon

    Get the flea treatment from the vet, for the cat. Then get boric acid powder (sold as a bug powder or roach powder; look on the label for ingredients) and sprinkle it all over the house, especially on bedding of furniture where the cat rests. Brush or sweep it into the fabric so it doesn’t show; works great in carpets. It’s totally harmless to animals with bones, but kills insects and other animals without bones.

  3. ~*~ strryeyedgrrl ~*~

    It’s kind of a process, but can be done. To get my cat out of the house, I would take her to a local pet salon that had a reasonable price for flea dips. While she was gone, I would set off flea bombs in the house.
    At the salon, I was always able to pick up some Advantage that I could use on the cat about a week after her dip. Sometimes you have to keep this up and do it every few months.
    Good luck!

  4. keyword software

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    Make sure your whole house is filled with sunshine(open all curtains, and blinds) . Then put a bucket of water in the middle of the floor in everyroom. However, it works better with milk. (I have the same problem, and it works for me!)

  5. TC

    Get a house flea spray and do ur whole house, curtains, carpets, mattress, settee & bed! Id also wash every bit of clothing in ur drawers & wardrobe cuz di likkle buggers get into everything!!!! If u dont u could still find dem jumpin about 6mths later……no jk!!

  6. stulisa4

    All you really need is Advantage for the cat. Department store flea meds aren’t really effective. Advantage, wait a week or two, and the fleas in the house are taken care of as well. If one room in the house has a worse infestation, put the cat in there for a while every day for a few days. Fleas sense body heat from several feet away, and are drawn to it, they get on kitty, the Advantage kills them.
    You can order Advantage online a single tube at a time for around 10.00.

  7. lahockey

    Take your cat to the vet and get him groomed and wormed. Then have them apply ADVANTIX to him before he comes home. If cats get heart worm you need to get the meds for that and get the meds that have the birth control for fleas included in the heartworm meds…that is what we do for our dogs. Next, while your cat is gone, make sure you clean all your linens, couches, sofa, beds, etc., with a fogger…flea spray, etc. Leave the house and let it kill the fleas…come back after the allotted time and vacuum and make sure you take the bag outside and throw it away when you are finished vacuuming your floors and couches. It is SUCH a pain but we have the same problem and religiously keep our dogs on heartworm meds with flea birth control and monthly advantix and grooming and we have no worms and no fleas. If you cat is an outdoor cat you will want to spray her for fleas regularly and make sure your front and back yard are treated for fleas too. GOOD LUCK.

  8. Cassandra Marie

    we used to take our cats in teh car and set off like flea bombs. then we would put frontline on the back of their necks. it killed all the fleas and stopped new ones from coming in

  9. paudashl

    Get some flea repelent and put it on your act. Then get an exterminator and they will either spray all of your house or they will bomb it with chemicals. Just remember to put flea repellent on your cat EVERY MONTH!!!

  10. NY_Attit

    First, treat the cat with Advantage or another liquid medicine.
    Next, spray your home- putting the cat in a safe place. This has always worked for us.

  11. kay

    i seen this episode of how clean is your house 1st you buy some flea collars and put them in the vaccum bag.then spread baking soda on ur carpet let it sit then vaccum it this can get rid of some fleas also try vaccuming your couches

  12. Ronnie

    I have 2 poms and as you know they are long haired dogs. Since they were puppies I bathed them every Sunday with a Flea, Egg and Tick killer shampoo. I would also wash their blankets and spray their area with a Flea Killer. After about 2 months they were totally Flea free. You just have to keep it up.

  13. knightri

    First give the whole house a good vacuuming as fleas love dust and make sure you do it regularly.
    Second get some flea powder and sprinkle it all around the house but be careful not to get any in the food or water etc. You may need to apply the powder again at a later stage too to make sure you get the eggs of the fleas after they have hatched.
    Also you need to treat the animal with something to make sure the fleas are not bought back into the house and this needs to be done on a regular basis according to the instructions on the pack.

  14. Chalice

    You get proper treatment from the vet, for your cat and your house.
    You need Frontline, Advantage or Revoltion for your cat – these are spot-on treatments that work well, don’t confuse them with the stupid spot-ons they sell in pet stores. Pet stores aren’t licensed to sell the proper chemicals for flea treatment – anything you find in store is just going to be a basic pesticide that you can’t expect to work.
    You will probably have to spray your house as well, since this is where most of the fleas are living. Again, get something from a vets, not a pet store.

  15. Lucretia L

    I sympathize..it happened to me. First you will need to isolate the pets from the house. I took mine to the vet, for a flea dip and a day of boarding. It’s not that expensive. If not, you’ll still need to flea dip the animals, and maybe a friend can sit for them.
    Now the hard part. Fleas lay eggs by the hundreds, and they multiply by the thousands, so you will need to flea bomb the house. It is the only way to destroy the eggs which will be deep in fabric, carpet, drapes, bedding…you name it. If any eggs remain, they will hatch, reinfect the cat, you and the house.
    Go to the pet store, and ask for the most effective, least toxic fogger for fleas, if there is such a thing.
    You will have to put a bomb (fogger) in each room and the house, and it has to be completely shut down…all windows and doors. You will need to wash all bedding, pillows covers, comforters, dust ruffles, tablecloths, curtains in the hottest water it can take before the fogging. Don’t replace them, until after the treatment. The house will need to stay locked up for 24 hours, and don’t return to look. That stuff is toxic. Ideally, if you could stay at a friends or relatives house for a few days. When you return, just come to open the doors and windows and air it out for at least 3 hours. Make sure you remove and/or store food products in the fridge or a cooler. To be extra safe, I would run all cooking utensils and pots, pans dishes,etc in the dishwasher before using. Make sure you sanitize your kitchen counters before using too.
    I know it sounds like a lot, but if you do it halfheartedly, they will return, stronger and itchier. And most important, keep the cat treated with Frontline or Advantage, every month. It’s the only thing that works. One flea can turn into thousands in a few days.
    I really feel for you…but take heart, now you know, and it can be prevented in the future.
    Good luck.

  16. renee94

    You need to get flea meds for your cat. petmeds.com is a reliable place to purchase some. Then you must fog your living space. Hardware stores or discount stores sell flea foggers in packs. Depending on the size of your home, you may need two or three cans(it tells on package how much space it covers). Cover anything food, or things that come in contact with eating. Lay down newspapers, set can in the middle, press valve and evacuate building. All windows and doors to the outside must be shut. All pets and humans need to be gone for three hours. When returning, ventilate house a bit and remove spray cans and newspapers. Wipe any surface in which comes in contact with food. Vacuum and mop floors. All fleas should be gone. Keep up with the flea meds monthly and you won’t have to go through the hassle again. Good luck!

  17. Macky

    fleas are nasty, I know what it feels like to have an infestation….living out in the country. Its odd because one year there could be no fleas and the next there could be a ton of fleas. It all has to do with how hot it is and the season. Anyways, If you don’t have the money to take your cat to a vet to get advantage…I’d get some shampoo for cats that is specifically for fleas and is safe for your cats age range…than get it a flea collar. But, take your cat away from the house and out of harms way, set a flea bomb off in your house…which you too have to be gone a few hours for and it’ll kill them. Than vacuum your house…If you have a fish tank, don’t forget to thoroughly cover the top up too or it could kill your fish. This method has always worked for us and we had 4 dogs, so if it worked for us with 4 dogs, it’ll work for someone with one cat. :D…..I’d recommend doing that before you go through the trouble of washing your cat and spending money on a flea collar. Also you may need some assistance with holding your cat down…I don’t know how screwy it might be once you try to bathe it…but if you leave the sink on low and its warm water they don’t usually give you as much trouble because its a bit more comfortable for them.

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