I have 2 feral female cats that have taken up residence in my yard almost 2 yrs now and they are infested with fleas which in turn infest my yard. I can not go outdoor without spraying “off” on myself. I know that the feral cats would be more healthier and deserve that if I could find a natural flea remedy that can be placed in the food as they will not allow me to get near them close enough to touch let alone treat. PLEASE HELP!!
Thank You


  1. old cat lady

    I used the beneficial nematodes in my garden when I moved in 14 years ago and have never had to worry about fleas on my cats since. I do have cat fence-in so my cats stay on my property and don’t have a dog to walk who might bring fleas home.
    The nemetodes are something you use in the fall and then the fleas are gone for the next year. So it’s not an instantaneous response.
    There is a flea medication (Program, I think) that you can put in food and cats are notorious for avoiding food with any human “additive”.

  2. miranda

    I highly recommend Beneficial Nematodes:…
    I do not have experience with that retailer, but I have had these in a yard before they worked wonderfully and safely. One of the dogs out there had a massive flea problem and these stopped that and allowed us to let the cats out into the yard without needing to put chemicals on them (they had an extra fence to keep them in the yard).
    Another option is Diatomaceous Earth:…
    I have only used it to kill ants. That retailer was recommended to me by a friend but I have not used them, I got mine at a feed and grain store.
    Personally I prefer nematodes, but either option should be good.
    Good luck!

  3. hotfix rhinestones

    Well i cant give you a food remedy because the only way i know how to get rid of fleas is to bring a pet to a doctor if it is really bad or to go to a vet and get a product called advantage its kind of expensive! But some advice is fleas love long grass so make sure you cut your grass often! but feral cats are dangerous to have around your house because you never know how they will react to certain things they have been forced to retreat back to their natural behaviors which come from wild cats! Your best bet is to call your local animal control and have the cats removed and if possible they will be adopted and live better lives! good luck i hope you figure out something!

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