I have a 6 month old lab/shepherd mix. She is full of energy. How should I start off training her? With a walk first, so she’s a bit calm for the obedience training?


  1. blackros

    get her calm and then take her somewhere where she won’t get distracted easily. then practice any trick u want her to do.and every time she does it give her a treat then after awhile all u have to do is praise her by giving her a toy she loves or petting her and saying good girl.

  2. DogHelpe

    I would probably start off with “Stay”.
    But you don’t need another opinion. What I think would benefit you is a professional dog training guide.
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    Here is a site with some great training systems that are cheap. They even have video training available.
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    Hope this helps!

  3. Heather

    Obedience training is an excellent way to harness her energy into something productive and rewarding. It’ll work both her body and her mind, so kudos to you for doing obedience with your dog. I’m going to guess that with a shepherd/lab mix, your dog has almost boundless energy. Exercising her before training is a very good idea, it will burn off some of her energy and wake her up mentally. Just be sure that you exercise her enough to mellow her out – if you take her for a short walk, it could just get her engines revving and make her more of a handful for training – but don’t exercise so much that she’s sluggish and tired. She’s your dog, so you’ll know best where that balance between the two is. Secondly, I highly recommend taking a basic obedience *class* with her. Experienced trainers can give you pointers on the best way to train her, and give you a good foundation for future training with your dog. Good luck!

  4. Ben

    The problem with training puppies is that they find everything exciting and therefore distracting. It is best to begin the training somewhere familiar such as at home, rather than in a park because there will be far less distractions. It probably isn’t a good idea to start training her straight after a walk because she will still be excited, perhaps wait an hour after when she is actually tired out. I did a bit of research for you and found this page about puppy training http://doggytrainingonline.blogspot.com/… that I think will help you.
    Good luck

  5. Bri

    Are you going to an obedience school? If you think that walking her will calm her down, then walk her to class. During the walk, do it slowly, so she’s not falling asleep and and befuddled during her training. Exercise stimulates brain activity, so take small breaks during the class to play or walk or take a short run.

  6. Winni

    You can try taking the dog out on a walk, so she’s more calm. But she also might be exhausted. For my dog, after walks, he likes to sleep. So what you can do is, get treats. My dog loves beef jerky treats.
    Command: Sit-
    Hold the treat up and say “Sit”. Once your dog sees the treat, he will want to sit. He will gradually learn “Sit” if you train him this way.
    Command: Come-
    Have your dog on a leash and have someone hold the leash across the room. Have a treat in hand, and say “Come” and have the person release the leash. Your dog will come for the treat, and when he does, praise him for that.
    Command: Down-
    Have a treat in hand and first tell your dog to sit. It takes a while for dogs to learn the command “Down” Don’t pull the hands of the dog, because that can lead to an injury of the elbow. I just held the treat up and my dog layed down. I’m not sure if this method will work for you.
    Command: Stay-
    Go near a door. Open the door slightly and if your dog tries running out; Shut the door. Then, open it a little more, and if your dog tries running out, shut it and say “No”. Open the door a little more each time, until your dog stays.
    These are the simple commands that I taught my dog. Hope this helps!!

  7. nita

    as u have an inteligent working dog breed, i would recommend a good walk first as when they are calm its easier for them to concentrate on ur commands. good luck!

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