I cover up the smell with this cleaner called awsome. Now my question is how do I get my dog to go outside to pee and poop? I take him out and sometimes just leave him outback but he never goes. He will come in and pee and poop in my house. What should I do? Saying NO in a strong voice does not work trust me. Putting him in the cage does not work he will wait till I let him out. Can anyone help me?


  1. K. A

    I just went through this with my dog, who is basically a mutt that i saved from an indian reservation where they were going to put him and his 9 brothers and sisters to sleep.
    Begin by bleach cleaning every spot in which the animal has messed even the stuff you sprayed awesome on, if its a color fabric or carpet use bleach alternative. THen purchase some “out! petstain and odor remover” found at walmart and the like places.
    Everytime you see your dog potty or find potty stick the dogs nose in it say no firmly and put the dog on a cable or leash or something outside alone for at least 20 minutes unless its nasty weather in which case 5 will suffice. Or try potty training pads, set them over the placed the dog commonly messes and gradually move them towards the door as the dog begins using them.
    Once your dog begins to go potty outside refrain from giving treats under any circumstances unless the dog goes potty outside and then give only a small treat. Also make sure to praise and pet your dog when it does good. After that the dog will learn, they still have accidents as pups until they are about a year and half, but at the point the only thing you shoudl have to worry about it “marking of territory” if you dont want to deal with that get your dog nuetered immediately.

  2. missouri

    Perhaps your have to go outside with him and immediately praise him when he does go outside..lots of whoops and hollers and some serious attaboys. (Some training treats work wonders).
    Good luck

  3. Shelly

    When you let him in your house, you have to keep an eye on him at ALL times. If you tell him no in a strong voice he might not know what you’re doing. If he does not still listen to you, it might help you if u gave him a lil time out or a lil spank. I have a dog, and when he goes in my house, I just give him a lil tap on his nose (I’ve heard a lot of people say if you tap a dog on his nose when he does something bad, he might listen to you more.) And my dog doesn’t do it anymore ^^

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