My puppy is a Shih-poo. He only pees or poos in his pottty training pads. We now wannna start takin him out to poop. Any suggestions as to how to do it. He is a little less than 4 months. He holds his poop until hegets home to do his job in the training pads. Any suggestions wud help.. THanks


  1. Bub

    i’ll take it one step further.
    treat the poop area (carpet, wood, etc.) with orange oil at the same time, so they don’t go to the smell either. pads sometime leak through, and the smell will stay. the dog is attracted to both the pad smell and the pee smell. when one goes away, they’ll migrate to the other.
    like above, move the pad closer and closer (about a 2 week process, so you don’t rush the dog), and then leave it outside for about a week. GET THE DOG ON A SCHEDULE, so it knows when it’s time to go out. This way, you can help the dog along with coaching and positive reinforcement.

  2. Alex

    Move the pads closer to a window/door. After he gets used to that, move the pads out side. After a few weeks, try moving the pads and see if he goes without them. If not, keep using the pads until he gets used to going OUTSIDE not on the pads.

  3. cockermo

    Start moving the pads closer to the door until you eventually move them outside. Once he is pooping outside on the pads take the pads away.

  4. Raymond

    Yes. Start taking him on scheduled walks, around the time he usually goes. Once he gates a whiff of the grass and other dogs that have been there, he’ll want to go there too. It’s natural for them. Eventually(I hope) he wil WANT to out, but you have to be there anf ready to take him,

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