I just got my puppy and he has been scratching. I can’t find any fleas on him but I would like to go ahead and treat him to help maybe relieve some of his itching. Is there anything I can treat him with since he is so young? Advantage and Frontline can’t be used until 8-12 weeks old. I would also like to treat the carpet too. Thanks in advance.


  1. ?

    Give him a bath using Dawn, it does not irritate their skin but will get rid of the fleas. Work well with my puppy. As for the carpet there is stuff you can buy that you put on the carpet and then vacuum up. Sorry I cant remember the name of it. Good Luck

  2. Bozema

    Give him a bath with a mild detergent – water will kill the fleas – and get a flea comb from the pet store and use that for the next few weeks. When he is old enough, start the Frontline or Advantage. Since he is very young, make sure to keep him very warm after the bath.
    Really the best thing for the carpet and upholstery is to vacuum several times and throw away the bag. Wash all his bedding in hot water. This will be better than exposing such a young puppy to chemicals.
    I agree he’s a bit too young to be away from mom – 8 weeks is typical for most dogs and 10-12 weeks for toy breeds. Since he has been removed too early, do everything very gently.

  3. Hummer H1 Parts

    If you aren’t seeing fleas then he doesn’t have them and NO I would not treat him yet he is too young. By the way 6 weeks is awful young to be taken from his mother.
    As for your carpet.. there are flea sprays for furniture and carpets, I would spray it and keep the dog away until it dries completely.

  4. Miguel H

    I have been trying to treat a stray cat with a lot of fleas… I don’t let him in the house because of the fleas… My neighbor gave me a bottle of AVON “SKIN SO SOFT” to put on him and it seems to help. As for putting it on a puppy, I don’t know… but they put it on babies.

  5. Tinkerbe

    lol well…… i tried this on my cats and it worked so you could try it on your dog. I put a mix of 50% scope adn 50% water into a spray bottle and covered them in it. It makes them smell minty fresh and it works!

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