I’ve recently discovered that my dog and cats have fleas. I’ve treated them all with Frontline Plus, and will be removing them from the house when i bomb it tomorrow night. I just wanted to know if anyone knew how well it worked, and what are some precautions, and/or tips other than the obvious??


  1. Lar

    a fogger will only kill the exposed fleas, not the ones that are in the pupa stage…there is no residual…a better treatment would to get from a pet store…vet’s office..etc an aerosol floor treatment with the IGR in it. Easy to apply, it will kill the exposed fleas…kill the eggs and keep the larvae from developing into the biting adult. It too will not kill the ones in the cocoon but it has a bit of a residual to kill them as they emerge…also vacuum as much as possible the next couple of weeks

  2. Lynda

    We used IGR purchased at a pet store in addition to several cans of Raid household flea spray on primarily the floors in our building during a time after a couple feral cats took up residence in our garage for a few days before they were trapped and evicted.
    After the initial vacuuming and spray of our house throughout, we only had to repeat the process lightly once (after getting one other bite on my leg). We don’t have any pets but since that time about 4 years ago, we’ve had no more fleas in the house or garage. We live in a coastal area with sandy soil and lots of stray cats and wildlife running around in our neighborhood. The few days it gets hot here also hatches fleas — so I know they are still out there..
    Perhaps your vet could advise you about the safety of Zodiac Fogger.

  3. saaanen

    If you are patient, you don’t have to do anything. I have a dog, but I don’t let hime get overly infested with fleas. After using Frontline, the fleas will die off naturally. This works so well I never had to buy anything to treat my cat. The product on my dog was enough to eliminate the fleas that went on my cat. I’d ask your vet before spending additional money unnecessarily.

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