My dog is only a puppy so I’m still training him but so far he will sit and stay. He will sometimes return to me when called but this is not 100% of the time. I haven’t taken him to abidance classes yet but i have booked some next week.
Just wandering how well trained your dog is and what do you think is essential training?


  1. Maffias Angel

    This is entirely up to you, as long as they know where defecate/urinate and come back when their called then the rest isn’t as important. Most dogs pick things up as they go along, sit, stay, paw etc but it just takes a little work to teach them other things. My dog (Odie) knows paw, sit, stay, roll over, lay down, fetch (though not drop!), play dead and high five. My other dog (Bonnie) knows sit, stay, jump, lay down, paw, wait, crawl, freeze, kiss and Chase (also ‘get the cat’, but that’s just to keep our neighbours cats away as they fight with ours), she’s also quite ignorant and usually only does these things if there is something in it for her! My last dog (Jessie) knows sit, stay, roll over, paw, lay down and play dead. Hope this helps!

  2. Gina

    I tdepends what you want from your dog. All dogs (IMO) should ‘sit’, ‘down’,’stay’ on command and recall must be as close to perfect as you can get.
    One of my dogs is being trained for hunting trials and she has to be obedient and trusting in me in a lot of ways. I’ve had to teach her to be excited about birds but not to harm them in anyway or leave any teeth marks on them. She has had to learn to sit dead still until given the command to retrieve and to do blind retrieves.
    If a dog is going to have a job then training to the highest standard is a must.

  3. RonA

    basic obedience and socialization. Socialization isnt really training but vital to a well mannered confident dog.
    Our Schnauzer is trained to go the the door and give a little growl when he needs to go out.
    My Aussie Marta was trained to whistles and yup, hiip, roun HUP, for driving horses in and out of winter range, and new kennel up meant get in her kennel.
    It’s pretty much up to you what behviours you want. most every dog wnats to please the pack leader, thats you, you just have to be willing to put in the time and effort.

  4. Pete F

    Stop (at kerb)
    Come here
    Gimi Paw
    Other Paw
    Down (lie)
    GO down (stairs)
    Drop (toy or ball etc)
    Leave it (accidentally dropped food, or food on the pavement etc)
    Away! (when begging)
    Wait (for food)
    I’d say essential training is everything you need to control and communicate to your dog inside and out side and so its practised regularly.
    But I put as much in silent communication with my dog as I do verbal commands, like putting my head near his and dropping my head and putting it on his, I find this good for bonding and he can tell me he’s ok etc this way. It sounds weird but its not, we have to understand our dogs as much if not more than we understand them.
    Add: We have never taken our dog to classes, he was a rescue Boxer at 18 months, he knew sit, stay, and paw. We taught him the rest ourselves

  5. Cash

    He needs to know basics: sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop it, settle, and potty training (if indoors).
    He needs to know proper ways to play ( not overly aggressive )
    He also needs to know proper way to walk on a leash.
    I also train my dogs to : sit pretty, rollover, shake, high five, speak, play dead, twirl, etc.
    Just make sure he knows manners: not to bark too much, not to jump on people, not to nip at people (even if he is playing). Hope this helps.

  6. Horses are my life

    My dog knows-
    1. Sit
    2. Jump
    3. Shake
    4. Speak
    5. High Five
    6. Heel
    7. Roll Over
    8. Dance
    9. Weave
    10. Stay
    11. Drop it
    12. Leave it
    13. Quite
    14. Crawl
    15. Sit Pretty
    16. Go long
    17. Fetch
    18. Bring here
    19. Come here
    20. Away
    21. Go to Bed Bed
    Essential Training…. Hmmm… No clue! lol
    I work with my dog EVERYDAY! She is very very good and smart!
    Me and my dog, Spot, also do agility.

  7. WP Robot for Wordpress

    my 5 year old retriever knows
    lie down
    and heel
    my 3 year old retriever
    lie down
    and heel
    my 1 year old retriever is very naughty
    she knows
    im trying to train her to stop barking at people when they come to my house

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