I also have 2 boxers one is a year old the other is 8 weeks. Everytime I let them out to potty the come in covered with fleas! I have sprayed the house and yard and they still won’t go away!! I use frontline on my dogs and also give them brewers yeast and garlic tabs which are supposed to prevent fleas but nothing seems to help!! Any suggestions?


  1. Chetco

    For the puppies, you can use Revolution on the mom, and that will make a big difference. Meanwhile, just use a flea comb on the puppies, de-fleaing them twice per day or as needed.
    If you get a ‘nit’ comb, from the drug store, it is made of plastic, and a bit gentler than the metal comb. The ‘nit’ combs are only a dollar or two.
    Revolution is suitable for use on dogs, puppies, cats & kittens > 6 weeks of age . it is also approved for use on pregnant and nursing mother dogs and cats.http://www.all-pets-info.com/fleacontrol…

  2. Bozema

    I would take the adult dogs to the vet and give them Capstar, a pill that will do a one-time kill of the fleas and can be used in combination with Frontline and then when it’s been 3 weeks since the last dose of Frontline, switch to Advantage. Fleas sometimes get resistant to one product and you need to switch to another for awhile. For the pups, I’d suggest trying a flea comb on a daily basis. When they reach 8 weeks, you can put them on Advantage too. I would also wash all dog bedding and vacuum thoroughly all rugs, carpeting and upholstery.

  3. Anna M

    Take all of them out twice a day with a flea brush and get rid of as many as you can. Make sure to dip the brush in water after each brush to get rid of the fleas. On top of that, keep using frontline and make sure you can use it on puppies. If it doesn’t work, take them to the vet to get special formula. And please get your chihuahua fixed 🙂
    I hope this helps! And good luck!

  4. WP Autoblogging Plugin

    Get rid of those fleas asap…if the puppies swallow them they’ll get tapeworms.
    I have a Frontline brochure and it says that if you’re treating the dog and see more fleas is because the treatment is working..the fleas rise on top of the haircoat as they’re dying.

  5. dbd.1272

    Try to sprinkle or spread some granulated sulpher around the area they roam to potty . I have the same prob.- it seems to help (not cure but help allot for me) It even cuts the mosquitoes down ! Lemino if it helps – if you decide to try it.

  6. pomegran

    The home remedies don’t work. You need to talk to your vet. There probaby isn’t anything you can use on the pups yet.
    You need to treat the dogs, the house, and the yard. Unless your rid them from all those places, they’ll keep coming back.

  7. Soul T

    Unfortunately you can’t use flea sprays or powders on the pups…or the mom who is feeding them…..clean the bedding in hot water…I would get the wash tub filled with hot water put in a capful of flea shampoo and let soak first then continue with the cycle…..

  8. Mishel S

    thats akward that nothing worked for u but maybe go to a vet and he would do something or give u some medication ur dogs can take. i bet after the vet not only ur dogs would feel better but they will be safe and u would be happy too. ANYWAYS GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jen

    a mild dish soap works best on young pups, make sure you rinse it really well, Dawn works best, dont use any flea shampoos on a puppy that young, good luck, even if you just soak them with water and pick them off

  10. DStinie M

    I suggest trying flea drops and a flea bath for the older pups. As for the mom and pups asking your vet would be best. Congrats on the pups, my dog just had 2 pups and they’re almost 3 weeks old!

  11. gogi berries

    Either give them a bath with flea/tick shampoo or take them to a vet and have them dipped in a flea bath. hope this helped, keep me updated, wish you the best!

  12. Tiffany K


  13. GuRliE fRiEz

    Here you go.
    Puppies are often too young for the majority of chemical type flea prevention or treatments yet they are just as susceptible to getting fleas as any other dog. Should your young puppy get fleas, what are you supposed to do? I’m going to share a quick and very effective way to get rid of fleas on any dog, of any age, including your young puppies and it will only cost you a couple dollars and 10 minutes of your time!
    Things You’ll Need:
    * Johnson and Johnson Shampoo
    * Flea infested puppy (or dog, cat, etc)
    Place puppy in tub or sink of luke warm water and get them good and wet
    Apply Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo liberally over the entire puppy.
    Lather really well.
    Let shampoo sit on puppy for 10-15 minutes while you comfort them. (they will be itchy and wiggly)
    Rinse puppy really well and comb out with flea comb. Fleas should be dead at this point and come off very easily.
    Tips & Warnings
    * Shampoo around the ears and face first so fleas don’t all go there in a hurry when you start applying the killer shampoo.
    * Apply shampoo AFTER you’ve let the water out of the tub/sink. You need the shampoo to sit on every inch of that dog, including between the toes of the paws.
    Hope this helped=) Good luck!

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