Do i need to tell my property management I’m going to fog my place for fleas? I already had them send in an exterminator, but I still have fleas. Is the Raid fogger safe to use even though I have gas stovetops?



    when i had my apt. even tho they sprayed every month, twice a year i would set off bombs for extra measure. and no you dont have to tell the landlord. some of them look at it to their benefit. Raid is the only fogger I used. it does the best job and you dont have to do alot to prepare. take your bed spread to the laundrymat and wash it. just make sure that the stove isnt on. when you set off the bombs, set them on a chair that is cover with a towel or newspaper, that way it wont stain the chair in the middle of every room. if you have them real bad, i would do one can per room, then after that, 2 cans for the whole place should be enuff. good luck

  2. a_song_f

    A natural way to get rid of fleas is to first place a light directed at the floor. Than you place some kind of pan now higher than a couple of inches there. Fill it with water and a few drops of dish soap and stir a little. Turn out all lights for the night except this one. The fleas will be attracted to the light and jump in the pan and drown. It really works. May take a few nights of this.

  3. Tigger

    I’ve had to deal with fleas before- And I’ve never used foggers because I have cats and can’t afford to board them.
    What you want to do is get borax. Close your pets in a flea-free room: Usually the bathroom is good. Sprinkle the borax on your carpet and furniture, and let that sit about 20 minutes before you vacuum it up. And keep vacuuming every day about 2 weeks, which is about the life cycle of a flea. That way you’ll get flea eggs and newly-hatched adults. Also, you’ll want to wash your curtains and bedding. Don’t forget to move your furniture as you vacuum so the fleas can’t hide.
    Good luck!

  4. saaanen

    If you still have pets, go to your vet and get Advantage, or a similar product. You will not have to treat anything, other than the pet. My dog gets fleas in August, and I have never treated the house. One dose and the fleas are gone.
    Something you may like is that I used to have a cat, but never even had to treat the cat, just the dog.

  5. bigg_dog

    according to my bug man…..u have to treat once and again after 2 weeks but no longer than 3 weeks…….the spray will kill the adults but not the eggs……eggs hatch between 2-3 weeks…….cover ur stuff with 3mil plastic and tell everyone n the building to know ur dong it…….
    lic. gen. contractor

  6. Needtokn

    Before using a fogger and if you have access to it, try finding someone with a black walnut tree. Cut you some leaves off if able too, and lay them around in your apartment, on floor, under bed, under couch, etc. Let them stay there until they are completely dry, then just pick up what you can and vaccuum up the rest. This is what my father would do when we got them in our house on our farm, and it worked everytime. I know everybody doesn’t have access to a black walnut tree, but if you do it’s a whole lot better than all the chemicals your are putting in your apartment. Hope you can find one and if do would like to know if worked for you. Good luck!!!

  7. Homosex Is Wrong

    20 Mule Team Borax will get them out of the carpet. Sprinkle in into the carpet, leave it a couple of days, vacuum.

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