1. Allison

    Yes you will have to treat the whole house. You could get flea powder, flea collars, or flea shampoo.

  2. rnwallac

    You will have to treat the whole house, as fleas can spread everywhere. A cheap effective way to rid the cats of fleas: 1/4 cup household bleach added to a number 10 can (approx. 35 ounces). Your cats won’t like it, but slowly pour the mixture over the cats (do not get near eyes). It kills the fleas instantly and you will see them drop off. Then use a flea shampoo, lathering generously, rinse. If the cats are also outside cats, you may have to treat the yard too.

  3. Shirley T

    If you have carpet, be sure and spray the carpet and go to the vet and get something like Revolution, Front Line,Advantage, etc for your cats. When cats have fleas and they scratch, flea eggs and flea dirt(excrement from fleas) will fall down into the carpet or grass. So you have to control the environment as well as treating the cat. The emerging pupa of the flea nourishes itself on the flea dirt (flea excrement) because it has blood in it.

  4. Kay

    it’s true, you don’t have to treat your whole house right now, although if you notice fleas on the floor and it’s getting really bad, then you can buy a spray-on fogger for the floors. just keep the cats out of the area until the stuff is dry. i used it on my rugs and floor and it worked great. the bombs and timed foggers hit everything so they’re more of a hassle.
    you can give the cats a flea bath (not a dip, dips are more toxic) to kill the fleas that are on them. let them dry for 24 hours and then apply a topical flea control like advantage, frontline, or revolution. otherwise just apply the stuff.
    fleas prefer kittens to cats, cats to puppies, puppies to dogs, and dogs to humans, so they shouldn’t be biting you unless there are a lot.
    keep in mind also, that you’ll need to stay up on treatments for several months in a row because fleas can lie dormant in the carpets or between floorboards for months and then pop up again.
    don’t worry too much. my cats are indoor only and somehow they get the occassional flea. (all it takes is one bug riding in on your pantleg and there it goes.)
    just jump on it now and be ready in the future.

  5. The Wombat Queen

    you don’t necessarily need to flea-bomb the house. if you’ve just started seeing the fleas on the cat, it’s possible that they haven’t spread to the house. it’ll only be necessary to treat the whole house if you actually see the fleas or are getting flea bites.
    I use revolution on my cats- it is the most effective anti-bug treatment I know- gets rid of fleas, mites, ticks, and worms. so if you use it you can also know that your cat will be parasite-free. it isn’t the cheapest thing, but it works really well. other flea treatments rub off quickly or can be toxic to your cat- revolution isn’t. you can usually get it cheaper online than from a vet.

  6. marci knows best

    Get cheap, get effective, take your pick. I use Frontline Feline. It kills the fleas for up to a month. Unless you have a serious flea problem, a good vacuuming should kill the old fleas.
    Please do not use flea collars. They are ineffective and can kill the cats. Flea powders and other home remedies are not nearly as effective as Advantix or Frontline.

  7. petcompa

    Try to stay away from over the counter flea control products as most of them actualy contain chemical insecticides that can lead to liver damage to both you and your pet. Instead, I prefer to use a more natural flea control products called Targert Spray for Fleas. It is a herbal insect repellent that deters cat fleas from making their home on your cat.
    Here’s the link:…

  8. LilyPad

    actually carri isnt correct completely. since the cats just got them i wud get a hazardous free spray for flees u spray around the house on a daily basis and get special flee meds for ur cats example front line flee collars and flea bath cheap things almost at everY pet store

  9. ~La La~

    all you haft to do is use advantage on all the cats and dogs it will kill all the files in the house it will take about too weeks if it really just started so u don’t nead to boom but if you want them gone in like 2 days you wood nead to boom but not necessary

  10. Carri

    Yes, you have to treat the whole house. You will need to flea bomb your house, and get your cats flea dipped.

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