I have a great dog, but when he gets about 20-30 yrds from me he stops listening. So I purchased a petsafe training system. I cant find any online info as far as a step by step training tips. I know it is tricky, I just want to do it right.


  1. smurf

    If you’ve ever used treat motivation for your dog in obedience training than the usage of the treat would be the same “timing” for when you would use the remote. If you’ve not done obedience training, I HIGHLY suggest you do before ever using a remote training system on your dog. without the right timing and using it properly it’s more like torture and you won’t be training your dog correctly. Speak to an obedience instructor about using this system..it is much too delicate of a matter to teach over the internet.

  2. greekman

    I have been using the E collar for over 20 years now, with great results. I find it to be the least stressful, most dynamic way of CLEARLY communicating with your dog. There is an entire protocol for OB training that I would be happy to discuss with you. Email me if you are interested.

  3. Death Pop?icle? <3

    I know this sounds gross but u can train ur dog really well this way, no collars, leashes, anything. THis is what u do, put a treat in ur mouth (grilled chicken pieces etc.), call his name, when u make eye contact spit out the chicken or w/e at him. This sounds gross but its the most effective method and is used by dog show trainers. He will be confused at first, call his name again, repeat the process. After 2 times he should automatically sit in front of u and he’ll b staring at u. do this for about a minute or so. I’ve seen results from this do wonders. I’ve seen people in clubs have their dog run along them, all the while looking at them never taking their eyes of their trainer. I taught my lab pup (4 months old) to sit, come, stay, and heel with this trick. Once u get eye contact u spit out, he is rewarded and it works like magic. I have people at the door shes ready to pounce on. I call her name she immediately sits makes eye contact w. me and waits patiently. good luck on ur new pup.

  4. Seattle_

    Most people disapprove of shock collars, and I count myself among them. You really shouldn’t use it at all, unless you get a professional trainer to teach the you safe method to do it. The problem with these method is that you’re tempted to use it with out thinking, and at that point it becomes cruelty.

  5. G.O.A.T.

    Don’t use those things! How would you like to get shocks on your neck? If you truly care for your pet stay away from those products!!

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  7. jess lynn*

    The trick to electric collars is not to shock them about everything. Try teaching your dog a command for coming. Then put your dog on a long lead and go into an open space. Let your dog roam around a little and then call them to you. Do this at short distances with rewards when they come back to you, ei. treats – something they dont usually get. Now when your dog doesnt listen to you vibrate them. This will usually get their attention and they will listen to you. If not then you can shock them. But make sure the collar is on low. After vibrating/shocking them they should come back, and if they do reward them. Your dog probably will get the hang of it in the first few times. Try to do short distances to start off with and eventually get into longer distances. The dog will soon learn their boundaries and they will listen to you every time!
    Good Luck!

  8. rescue member

    Terrible thing to do to a dog, and it is not safe.
    How would you like to be shocked by electricity?
    Take an obendience course with your dog – lots more fun and much safer – also works a lot better.

  9. ladyinle

    Who ever invented these things should be in jail for abuse? Dogs can be trained without shocking, zapping, choking ect…I would mind too if I had that done to me but I would also be fearful and I sure wouldnt love anyone who put that around my neck.

  10. Nedra E

    There was supposed to be a training book (albeit small) with the collar. It doesn’t say a lot but gives you basics.
    Petsafe DOES have manuals available for download from their website online. Below is a link to the page where I can download it for my big dog trainer. You need to find your product and download the manual.

  11. Teresa V

    If you are going to use it you need to be willing to train the dog with the collar and be consistent. Make sure the god knows commands and don’t just shock the dog without a good reason. You should get a collar that has a whistle as well as a shock because then eventually the dog will respond to just the whistle and not need the shock. I would never use one so I can’t offer much advise. Good Luck.

  12. Fred

    I haven’t used an electric collar. It was to be the **last resort**, I wished I had used it earlier because the dog was killed by the behaviour I intended to use it to prevent. So what is cruel? The dog was quite an exceptional animal fast, good endurance with a very high prey drive and target fixation. When locked on target he stopped listening, nothing would break it. Any other time he was obedient. I’ve spoken to people who win working trials at the highest levels and have admitted their dogs will sometimes be unstoppable when locked in pursuit of deer. If you have a nice docile little pet don’t diss electric collars. Anyone who has a hunting machine, take my advice do whatever it takes to get the dog under control because a few minor shocks aren’t as bad as the dog being killed and causing a multi car crash. Personally I think keeping a dog fat, lazy and constantly leashed is more cruel.

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