I just got a 2 year old lab in june of 2008. He is a very well trained dog but very spoiled. On friday I got a 10 week old shanoodle my lab is not adjusting very well. He went after her last night but did not bite her just nudged her in the head. How can I help my lab adjust to this puppy?


  1. WP Robot

    I just saw the same situation on Victoria’s show “Its me or the dog” basically she suggest you use clicker training. click and treat method. First introduce them in a neutral environment. Somewhere your lab wont feel is his territory. Then distract them with their own activities but keeping attention focused on you or the other person helping you. Then you can slowly move them closer where they notice each other’s presence but still not focusing on each other. Then you would introduce them at home using the same technique. Make sure that your lab is calm and not at a state of alert when he sees the puppy. I really wish I could help more, but that’s just a summary of what I saw Victoria do. If you can record the show, I am sure they will show it again. Just remember it takes time, I’m sure you can make it happen.

  2. Bob

    I would respectfully suggest you read a couple of books and watch some videos on raising and training dogs. Also, I recommend two TV shows, “The Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel, and “It’s Me or the Dog,” with Victoria Stillwell, on Animal Planet. Both programs are very instructive and often deal with the issues you raise here. Good luck!

  3. Brittany

    have someone help you and have one person take one dog in one corner of the room and you take the other dog. Then just start working on some sits and downs and other tricks with the dogs, (make sure they are both on a leash) Then slowly get them closer together. Also try when her lab looks over at you shanoodle and doesnt growl give him a treat if he does take him out of the room untill he is settled down.
    Hope this helps:)

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