I have a really smart border collie mix. I have taught her all the basic commands like sit, stay, down, dance, roll over. I want to teach her more, but don’t know how. Where can I get some good techniques to teach a smart dog amazing stuff?


  1. tiptoptr

    One bit of advanced training I recommend is doing all the things you’ve taught him, and take it to the Seuss level- can he do it on a box, can he do it with a fox (another dog nearby running around), can he do it here and there, can he do it anywhere? IOW, think of as many permutations as you can, and make sure the dog can do it anywhere under any conditions- could you go on Letterman with a crowd in front, bright lights, cameras that roll in, etc?
    Have you considered training for a dog sport like agility or freestyle? Youtube has some videos that show lots of different behaviors/skills for these sports.
    I also love doing some of the mental work that BCs love so much- playing hot and cold targeting games. If you have a chance to get to a Kathy Sdao seminar- go! I have some vids on youtube of my dog doing some hot and cold targetinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOAcI8FOk…
    There are also some vids of her skateboarding and doing a handstand, as well as agility.

  2. wishnuwe

    Yahoo answers has a wonderful feature called search for questions. You can type in the things you want to teach your dog, and see the answers that people provided to the questions already asked. If you want to train agility or frisbee then type that in and see what answers were already given. It is a great source.

  3. Gina

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