I just got an 8 week old puppy from a friend and he had fleas, so I used tea tree oil shampoo and drops to wash him and the fleas have seems to go away, but does anyone have any tips on how to keep them from coming back and what I can use on my furniture to make sure no fleas are there.( keeping in mind I have small children and a puppy around) thanks.
ps. he is too young for flea treatments


  1. Who, me?

    Brewer’s yeast with garlic, which you can buy in any pet store. I give my dogs one chewable tablet for each ten pounds of weight, and they both love it!
    And I know it works, because I had two Maltese a few years ago, and one wouldn’t eat the tablet, so I gave up. That’s the one that had a tic embedded in her skin, while the other dog was free. And they were both in the same place at the same time. This stuff works for fleas, too.

  2. hmstewar

    This will be an ongoing battle until you can treat him with flea meds…fleas lay eggs like crazy… so even though you wash them off-there still may be eggs. Also, any that jump off will lay eggs on your furniture, carpet, etc.
    Vacuum like crazy. That worked for me. I used Bengal flea spray on the furniture and carpet, and it works miracles… but you probably wouldn’t want to use anything like that since you have small children.
    You might end up getting fleas in the yard too..hopefully not.
    I would keep bathing him in a gentle shampoo… if it’s a harsh shampoo his skin might dry out and be itchy.
    Good luck! Those critters are a nightmare all the way around!

  3. TrainTra

    Bathe him every other day with the tea tree oil shampoo and vacuum your floors and furniture. That should keep the fleas at bay until the puppy is old enough for the flea treatment!

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