I need some good methods for trianing a dog (beagle) for rabbit hunting. And obeadience without me having to bring it to a trainer.


  1. mcnatt c

    If your Beagle has a nose don’t worry he will hunt !He just may have a problem distinguishing between a rabbit and a squirrel?So what , there are seasons for both I suggest you take your Dog with an already trained hunter and his Dog and he will either hunt or not .Chances are he will hunt.True Hunters do not mind helping a new guy join in on the fun and sport of hunting and listening to the sound of the race.And the treeing of the animal in the tree or in the ground.Find you a companion to go hunting with and he will assist you in all the tricks of the Game.Make sure your dog is kept up to date on immunizations and rabies shots and is fed a good nutritious food for high Energy Dogs.That is very Important!!!!!Hunters Rule!!!I would much rather see a hunter than a bar Hopper or a Pool Shooter or a Gambler any day!!!Happy Hunting!!!!!

  2. lushlips

    rrr why does he have to hunt ? my dogs parents were working dogs before they had pups ! i would never make him hunt !

  3. Shae-Lynn J

    you can go to ur local library and get some books on beagles. i dont know much about beagles! good luck

  4. ¸.•*♥P!cαŘα §☼Ňαd☼Řα♥*•.D®eαMe®

    poor rabbit. thank you for 2p.. sorry I don’t hunt.

  5. Pitbull Mammi

    Get a rabbit put it in a cage sit your dog in front of you have him stare it down by whispering watch it then when he starts barking let his co;llar go a lil to see if he’ll run in on it



  7. ninjaaa!

    It takes about two years to train a beagle to hunt efficiently. You will probably need a trainer. It takes a long time because you need to teach the beagle to recognise the animals you’re after (to prevent them from running after any moving thing they see) and also to be comfortable with gunshots. It will take awhile.
    Please do not use a shock collar. It isn’t very pleasant for your dog. Beagles are very intelligent, but stubborn. When they have incentive to learn, they pick up fast. Fortunately they are very food-motivated, so use food as a reward.
    Here is a link on how someone trained his beagles to hunt rabbits: http://mdc.mo.gov/conmag/2004/12/20.htm

  8. Ben

    Dont use a shock collar, thats animal abuse and its illegal. You can’t hurt something just because it can’t do something well. Anyways… If you want to teach it to find rabbits bring a more experienced dog. Probably one of the opposite sex thats alot older ( so it ignores your dogs attempt to “Woo” it) and let the dogs roam together. Hopefully your dog wil pickup an idea from the older dog. Once you find a rabbit get your dog to lay down beside you. Shoot it or watever you are going to do. If it gets away, let your dog loose.

  9. thenextm

    HOW DARE YOU buy a dog for EVIL………. your dog doesent need to be trained to kill animals have you seen the population of rabbits lately. If your dog decides he want to hunt then he will when he wants to.

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