We have a portuguesse water dog , we are just starting to take him for lessions , what is the most 4 things that we should concentrat on , we are haveing a prob. with the OFF ( not jumping up on people ) and the other one of WAIT ( stay and not go out of the door or not to pull us when we take him outside on leach ) , this one we are have pretty good replying with him but he stills does pull us the odd time when we take him out , also we where told to use the martindale collor and keep the leach on him at all times in the house , is this a propper trining procedure?, we are a little mixed up , ( the colllor & leach come off at night );
Thank You for ANY advice ,


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    The best way I know to help teach off is when the dog jumps up, since he is probably excited to see you and is greeting you, tell him off once then ignore him while he is on you. Don’t talk to him, make eye contact, or anything. Then as soon as he is tired of being on you and gets off, say hello and greet him and make a big deal of it.
    As for wait, when you go out the door, or whatever, tell him sit then wait and you start walking first. If he gets up, walk back to him, put him back in a sit, tell him wait again,and try again. This does take a lot of patience, but eventually the dog will learn that he does not go anywhere until he waits for a few moments.
    I have never heard of keeping a collar and leash on all day, and I definitely can’t tell you if it is right or wrong. I would just say stick with it for now, because I don’t see anything wrong with it. Good luck training your dog.
    Oh yeah, I also wanted to say I love portuguese water dogs!!!!!!!! They are one of my favorite breeds.

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