1. Valhalla Rescue's Danes & Pi

    Yes it should do pretty well. use bleach or bleach alternative if you can and If your washer has a soak cycle, isoak first. Fleas can live for a real long time in water. In school, we had them live in glasses of water for over 1 week. The agitation cycle should help kill them too.

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    It will help kill the fleas.. but dont expect miracles overnite with this method.. it can take a few weeks of persistently washing things, and vacuuming daily to kill fleas with just the borax.
    This method DOES work, and you will notice a decrease of fleas withing a few days, but to effectivly get rid of fleas and eggs you will have to be consistent with cleaning and vacuuming for a few weeks.

  3. castlewa

    Yes but you will have fleas again in the bedding the next time you go to bed. You have to treat yourself and the bedding and the carpet (VACCUUM A LOT) for at least three days. You can also throw them directly in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. Bag your clothes tightly and if it is cold outside below freezing put them out there so you can keep up with the infestation.

  4. Rotten Rotts

    That is a old home remedy that works. Spread the powder out, leave it for awhile and then vacuum it up.

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