I have a border collie/lab mix who is a year old. He is very smart and has learned several tricks (speak, play dead, roll over etc.) however for the life of me I haven’t been able to get the basics out of the way. Basically I need some pointers on “Come Here” and also I need some tips for keeping him from running out of a open door. Thank You


  1. Anonymous

    Lucky for you, Border Collies and Labs are very smart!
    What I did for my dog getting out of the front door, is I brought him to the door, stepped outside, and with the door open, pointed at the ground, had him look, and drew a line with my finger. I told him to, “stay there,” took a few steps back, waited, then praised him and walked back in. Repeated the process about 5 times, and he picked it up. Might not work for you, but for the intelligence of your dog, trying it won’t hurt.
    With “come here,” have the dog on a lead. When you tell him to “come here,” pull the lead toward you, and when he gets to you, give him a yummy or a nice petting. Repeat this until he has it down, and repeat it even still, until you can trust him off lead to go to you when called, every time.

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