My dog is about 10 weeks old. She knows what ‘come’ means, she almost always listens. But sometimes, when she would rather keep ‘exploring’ something else, she flat out ignores me. What should i do when that happens? Go after her? Pick her up? i don’t want to screw up the training…
Also, she has a tendency to bark at me to demand attention, but at night i can’t ignore her because my parents make a fuss if she keeps barking. What can i do to keep her quiet but not teach her that she gets what she wants by barking?
please help… thanks!


  1. KM

    When dogs “disobey” it means they have not been taught the command properly or do not fully understand it. While a dog may know how to ‘come’ perfectly while they’re in the backyard, it can be a whole different story when distractions (like smells) are present. If your dog doesn’t come to you when called you need to go and get her or she’ll learn that ‘come’ only means ‘come here if you feel like it, otherwise keep doing what your doing.’ It’s also important to remember that teaching a 100% reliable come takes about a year of continual training.
    You need to ignore her barking. Any attention — whether it’s postive attention like petting her or negative attention like hitting her — is going to reinforce the behavior. To try and quiet her down a little quicker distract her and then give her something else to do and then reward her for that. Have her sit (without barking) and then reward that good behavior.

  2. K.C

    She Just a puppy so don’t do anything when she doesn’t listen in less your a the park then pick her up. but around the house when she dose that after 3 times of calling her and she still dosen’t come the walk away if she comes the she comes. when she bark firmly tell her no and leave at that. she bark again then tell her no again.

  3. baby puppy

    keep your voice calm and respective when talking to your dog never raise your voice to the dog or the dog will be come scared and not want to listen and if your dog is denmanding attention you are probably not giving her enough when she barks lightly tell her no

  4. watch family guy

    Ignore wrong behaviors, and only reward when she does what you want. Make her come to you. If you go and pick her up, she won’t learn to come.
    The best thing to do about the barking at night is to not give in to her and go give her attention. She will keep barking because she knows you will eventually do what she wants. Put a shirt of yours in her crate or bed so she can smell you at night. If you don’t have a crate now, you may want to get one to keep her in at night. Make sure she has water in there, and a toy. She just recently left her mother and it will take a little time for her to adjust to being alone at night, but she will come around.

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    “Come” is the most crucial command that is NEVER to be repeated. If your dog doesn’t come to you immediately, go and get her. Never scold your dog after he comes to you.
    For the sake of training, if you feel that your dog may disobey the “come” command, just go and get her.
    But again, this is how I do it.
    Sometimes especially when training a pup, it helps if you “run away” from your dog, he/ she will go after you and chase you.

  6. Bossoli is back?

    Explain to your parents that by ignoring her when she barks the problem will resolve itself much faster than giving her the attention that she is demanding will. The worst thing you can do is give her any kind of attention, even negative, because she’ll interpret it as a victory and learn that barking gets her attention.

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