I have a male dog who is a mix between a brussels griffon and a mini poodle. I have tried several methods of walking him. I have tried a harness, without a harness, stopping and then once he stops moving going (he knows to stop, but starts to pull again.), keeping him at arms length, giving him treats when he walks nice, praising him. He still pulls and once on his leash will not listen to anything for the life of him.
Also, he listen to me very welll, but he doesn’t listen to anyone else. Sometimes he will go to sit on or lay by my husband and when he goes to move the dog will growl and snap at him. He snapped at my family and friends too. He attacks the cat when he tries to get close to me. I then stand up, say NO and point so he knows to go into his kennel, which he does, but he only listens to me. We are trying to start a family and there is no way that he is going to snap at a baby. Would taking him to classes be a good idea? Generally how much are classes also. Thank you.


  1. Aravyndr

    I’m a fan of training.
    It teaches you to bond with your dog
    It can teach your dog socialization if you do a “class” with other dogs and people.
    It helps reduce the stress on you when it comes to dealing with failed attempts and continuing on.
    It teaches you all the basics. Potty training, basic commands, socializing, bonding, tricks.
    Sometimes if you do a private class they’ll want the person he’s less bonded to, to be the one to take him. Sometimes they’ll ask for the whole family including other pets.
    In General- at petsmart (where I am they have an AMAZING trainer)
    its 119 for 8 weeks of training classes (Puppy, intermediate and advanced)
    99 for a week of private classes
    15 for potty training
    best of luck!
    in response to a spray bottle- an experienced trainer won’t use this technique. Positive reinforcement works better than physical punishment.
    Positive / Negative reinforcement is also used for chewing on things- but that entails “No…this is my toy! Is this your toy? Is this yours? Get it get it… GOOD BOY!” (Take away what’s yours and give him his toy then praise him.) it never entails nose slapping, yelling, or spraying.
    when it comes to spray bottles- it is a short term technique that eventually becomes ineffective as they can look at it as a game or another toy.
    Most trainers I’ve spoke to no longer use or recommend this technique.
    And please don’t hit your dog on the nose or grab his muzzle. This breaks the bonding process because they don’t understand why they’re being hit. And for them it hurts a lot. A slap on the nose is like a kick in the groin for a man. In aggressive dogs, this can cause more aggression or fear biting.
    Positive reinforcement has been proven to work better.

  2. anon

    Training classes may be good for your dog. You and your husband should attend if he is having problems with your husband. You husband should also spend some time feeding, grooming and exercising your dog.
    Classes at Petsmart are $99 for 6 or 8 weeks (depends on what class you sign up for). Some places might be more or less. My puppy is finishing puppy training at Petsmart. The trainer was great. The only problem was that my puppy gets very distracted around the other dogs in class, but she obeys ok at home.
    For your dog’s pulling you might want tot get a Gentle Leader head halter.

  3. lost

    It sounds from what you wrote like you have a dog that feels he is the MALE in the household. Not your husband.
    I think you all need training, not just the dog. He’s got you and your dh trained well.
    I’d strongly suggest you learn about Clicker Training, and also speak to a trainer.
    Try http://www.clickandtreat.com for starters. Good writing, good FREE information on clicker training and the guy is great if you have to phone him for advice.
    He has some great videos for sale that are easy to follow and most important WORK.
    Good luck with the dog, and the family! 🙂

  4. Karen W

    yes, yes, yes, ASAP!
    Preferably one that teaches you to use a pinch or prong collar…
    This animal is trying to establish himself as alpha in the household; already challenging your husband; in fact it might be a good idea for hubby to be the one to take him to the classes. Dog will learn to take commands from hubby; this establishes your husband as higher in the pack. Hubby can always show you what they learned and then you can also practice at home.
    You should be the first one to go through doors. If he is out in front (dragging you) on walks, then he is walking YOU, get a short (city) lead and keep him at your side.
    Prices vary; at the doggie daycare where I work they are $75 but I know PetSmart also offers them, think that is a little more $$ but well worth the price.
    This dog needs to learn quickly the “leave it” and/or “off” commands if you all are to have a comfortable life together.

  5. Cozy L

    yes, training and obiedience classes are generally good for your dog. for the walking problem, i know this sounds cruel, but you should use a pinch collar. the collar doesn’t really “pinch” your dog, but it prevents your dog from going ahead of you and pulling you. it’s not as bad as it sounds or looks. it is perfectly safe and will not harm your dog. my dog was like your dog, pulling me everywhere when we went on walks, but after i got the pinch collar, he realized he couldn’t pull me anywhere he wanted so he started walking correctly and he always stays by my side everytime we go for walks and i don’t need to pull him anymore! good luck

  6. ☺love~th

    Taking him to a class would be a great idea. Classes are normally 100$$, but they are totally worth it. Try it.

  7. sofball8

    Help you the problem with your dog he will listen to everyone grave a buttle of water spray and when he do something you dont like it spray at him that how he will listen to you guys, tell your husband when start growl or snap on him hold the dog mouth tell the dog no no no very loud do it over and over until he learn his leason

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