1. pepper

    I used Advantage on one cat and she developed a rash. I used the same thing on another cat, she was fine. According to my vet, there is basically no difference but they contain some ingredients that they may react to. Frontline I’ve had no problems with so far. I would suggest trying a little of both and monitoring what happens carefully. As for your kitten, check with your vet. Kittens are more delicate.

  2. zwergel8

    All perscription flea control products, even generic ones, work about the same. What doesn’t work are the over the counter products that are available in pet stores or grocery stores. Anything your vet gives you should be fine.

  3. castaway

    Frontline Plus is the best one. Fipronil (for adult fleas, ticks and mites) plus S-methoprene (for all other parasite stages) creatly a deadly combination for fleas. Do Not Use another dose before 21 days. If your cats live inside, you will need to remove yourself and all animals for a few hours and bomb the house. Zodiac brand makes a great fogger/”bomb”. Frontline also makes a great spray. Also, to use s-methoprene, the cat must be 12 weeks, so make sure she IS 12 weeks.

  4. tacokitt

    Frontline seemed to work better for my cats then Advantage. So I only use Frontline now been using it for 3 years.

  5. Grendle

    Be very careful with the over-the-counter flea treatments. My wife put some Hartz flea treatment on our cat and he went into convulsions and eventually died (six months later, from organ failure). The fine print on the box warned that this was a potential side effect!
    Check with a vet before you use any treatments, and use what your vet recommends.

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